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Deliver a Winning Retirement Plan Finalist Presentation

Sometimes, recommending the best solution isn’t enough. How you deliver the message can make the difference in winning the plan. Here are some steps you can take to create a clear, comprehensive and memorable presentation.


Outline the presentation

A well-organized presentation will make it easier for your audience to follow and to remember. It will also keep you on schedule. We recommend creating an outline that focuses on these areas.

Your role. Sharing your value proposition statement (VPS) lets your audience know what you bring to the table, that you plan to be a key partner for the plan and you’re ready to help them:

  • Make a smooth transition to the new plan.
  • Monitor investments (as appropriate).
  • Ensure the plan meets necessary rules and regulations.
  • Understand their fiduciary responsibility.

Opportunities for improvement. Recapping what you learned in your earlier fact-finding meeting lets your audience know that you listened to their concerns. Also leave room for other issues that may have come up since. Common pain points include:

  • Recordkeeping and administration
  • Investments
  • Employee education
  • Plan costs

Recommended solution. Retirement plans come in all shapes and sizes. Carefully walking your audience through the solution you’re recommending will help them understand why it’s right for them. Be sure to position each of the components as a benefit that addresses key concerns.

Next steps. Closing your presentation by driving home your key points reminds your audience once again what you bring to the table.

  • Reiterate your role.
  • Restate the key issues.
  • Summarize your solution and the benefits.
  • Thank your audience for listening.
  • Make a trial close: Ask for the business if it seems appropriate.

Create an agenda

Put together an agenda that you can hand out the day of your meeting. It will help guide your presentation and keep your discussion focused on what’s important to them. It will also emphasize your organizational skills and professionalism.


Craft the message

Now it’s time to think about what you’re going to say. Here are some guidelines you can follow as you develop your talking points.

  • Establish credibility. Open the meeting by reviewing the agenda to make sure everyone is comfortable with your topics. Next, state the value you can bring to the plan using your VPS. Review the plan’s goals and needs. Then, ask if there are any new concerns.
  • Build trust. Divide the main part of your presentation into components. You can do this easily by following our retirement plan proposal in sequence. As you present, be sure to emphasize the ways in which your recommended solution addresses the most important concerns of your audience.
  • Instill confidence. Close the meeting by reviewing the highlights of your presentation, and ask if anyone has questions. If you’re confident that you’ve addressed all of the questions/issues, try making a trial close by suggesting an effective date and schedule for plan installation. Wrap up by proposing a meeting date to discuss plan conversion concerns and timeline.

Resource to use:

Retirement Plan Proposal — Order a customized proposal. The electronic proposal (PDF) is easy to view, print and share with sponsors.

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