Pathways to Growth

Capital Group’s Advisor Benchmark Study

Three crucial routes to business growth

In Capital Group's Fourth Annual Pathways to Growth Advisor Benchmark Study, we surveyed more than 1,500 advisors and RIAs to answer the question: Why did some advisors experience twice the practice growth of their average peers? Our research identified certain skills that helped drive growth across the board, for all kinds of advisors.


We categorized these higher impact skills into three distinct groupings or "pathways." Understanding these pathways and focusing on the highest value skills within each can help drive growth.

Circle graphic highlighting: 1. client acquisition, 2. relationship alpha and 3. strategic scale.

Find out more about each of these pathways below

How do your skills measure up?

With just a few questions, you can find out where you stand and find areas of opportunity in your practice. Plus, get access to valuable content designed to improve your skills.

Download our latest Pathways to Growth study and learn:

  • Skills most correlated to practice growth
  • The pivotal role of client acquisition
  • "Table stakes" vs. value-added service
  • Insights on running your practice like a CEO
  • Six steps on your pathway to growth

Courses, workshops and consulting

Looking to build the skills that drive practice growth? Our online courses and in-person and virtual workshops have got you covered. And our advisor practice management consultants can customize coaching for you and your teams.

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