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Comprehensive solutions — aligned with clients’ goals 

Our funds are available in a variety of products and fund structures, including separate accounts that invest directly in our funds, master-feeder funds and fund-of-funds solutions — all designed to better support the investment objectives of your clients.

American Funds® Managed Risk Funds

Each of our managed risk funds provides investors with a diversified portfolio combined with a dynamic risk management strategy. This combination seeks to generate strong risk-adjusted returns over full market cycles.

Managed Risk Growth Fund

Managed Risk International Fund

Managed Risk Growth-Income Fund

Managed Risk Blue Chip Income and Growth Fund

Managed Risk Asset Allocation Fund

American Funds® Portfolio SeriesSM

These funds are designed to help investors address specific needs such as building retirement savings, planning for retirement distributions and preserving long-term assets.

American Funds Managed Risk Growth PortfolioSM

American Funds Managed Risk Growth and Income PortfolioSM

American Funds Managed Risk Global Allocation PortfolioSM

American Funds Global Growth PortfolioSM

American Funds Growth and Income PortfolioSM

American Funds® Target Date Series

The series offers a suite of six funds that offer variable annuity investors objective-based portfolios to help meet retirement goals.

American Funds® IS 2035 Target Date Fund

American Funds® IS 2030 Target Date Fund

American Funds® IS 2025 Target Date Fund

American Funds® IS 2020 Target Date Fund

American Funds® IS 2015 Target Date Fund

American Funds® IS 2010 Target Date Fund


American Funds Insurance Series funds

Class 1 (PDF)
Class 1A (PDF)
Class 2 (PDF)
Class 3 (PDF)
Class 4 (PDF)

American Funds Insurance Series Managed Risk Funds

Class P1 (PDF)
Class P2 (PDF)

American Funds Insurance Series — Portfolio Series

Class 4 (PDF)
Class P2 (PDF)

American Funds Insurance Series —
Target Date Series

Class 4 (PDF)


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“By looking at an investor's reliance on their portfolio and overall confidence in achieving a sustainable withdrawal rate, you can help determine if additional sources of protected income, such as an annuity, might be beneficial.”

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Variable annuities may impose a variety of fees that may affect the growth of your client's portfolio. Variable annuities have investment and/or withdrawal limitation requirements. Early withdrawals may incur a fee. Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

American Funds Insurance Series serves as an underlying investment option for multiple insurance products, including variable annuity contracts and variable life insurance policies. Availability of funds will vary based on the insurance contract offered.