Plan and prepare for an enrollment meeting

Use these questions to help you plan and prepare for a successful enrollment meeting.

Questions to ask the plan sponsor


  • What are your objectives for the meeting?
  • Are there specific topics you would like me to cover?


  • How much time is available for the meeting?
  • How many participants are expected to attend?
  • Will there be any non-English speaking attendees? (Spanish enrollment guides are available)
  • Will meeting attendance be voluntary or mandatory?
  • Have you considered allowing employees to invite their spouses/significant others?
  • Can I access the meeting location 30 minutes early to set up?
  • Will I have access to a projector?
  • Can I send you posters to help promote the meeting?
  • Would you like me to send you an email template invite?

Questions for you

Plan info

  • What are the group's demographics?
    Consider income, age, education and investment knowledge to help you tailor your presentation to your audience.
  • Have you reviewed the plan-specific FAQs on the plan's educational website?
    This info can help you respond to common enrollment questions that may be asked on a range of topics, including:

    • Plan types
    • Contribution limits
    • Employer contributions
    • Vesting
    • Investment options
    • Taxes
    • Rollovers
    • Loans and withdrawals
    • Fees

Presentation & enrollment tools

  • What is the location and time of the meeting?
    Be prepared to arrive 30 minutes early. Take care of any special travel arrangements ahead of time.
  • Do you have the plan's educational website address?
    We'll send the website address to you via email, or you can call us at (800) 421-9900 for assistance. Be sure to review the Educational website guide to help you prepare for the meeting.
  • Do you need to order enrollment guides?
    Determine if the guides should be sent to you or the client and then call us at (800) 421-9900 to place your order. Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery.
  • Are there any employees in additional or outlying locations?
    You may need to send materials to employees who work remotely or arrange for a virtual meeting presentation.
  • Do you need to order educational literature?
    Based on the objectives of you and your client, you may want to order literature to help you cover additional education topics, such as "what is a target date fund?"
  • How will employees enroll in the plan?
    Depending on the recordkeeping solution and plan provisions, employees may be able to enroll online. Be sure you're familiar with the plan's options so you can direct employees accordingly.
  • Will you need a flip chart and markers or a projector?
    There are a number of factors that can affect how you present. You may be meeting in an office or on the floor of a manufacturing facility, so plan accordingly and have a backup plan in the event of technical difficulties.
  • Do you want to provide food or refreshments?
    Think about your audience and the length of your meeting when considering optional food or refreshments. Also, the employer may have rules/guidelines to consider with respect to this.
  • Will you offer individual meetings after the enrollment presentation?
    Some employees may be hesitant to ask questions in front of coworkers, so one-on-one meetings can help you get more people enrolled or maximize their retirement benefit. Individual meetings can also be a good opportunity to help employees with 529s and other savings outside of their company retirement plan.

More resources

Use our enrollment meeting checklist (PDF) to further prepare for a successful enrollment meeting.

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