Planning tools and resources to help you save and invest

Tools and resources for thoughtful investors

Getting started

Topics to think about before you invest.

Decoding fund details

Let's break down fund data so you can better understand these concepts and what to look for.

Planning tools

College savings calculator

Estimate how much you need to save now in order to help cover your child’s future college expenses.

Retirement planning calculator

Find out how much money you may need in retirement and whether your current savings strategy could help you meet your goal.

Traditional vs. Roth 401(k)/403(b) analyzer

Compare the advantages of making before-tax vs. after-tax contributions to an employer plan.

Investment calculator

See how making consistent investments over a number of years can be an effective investment strategy to accumulate wealth.

Taxes and inflation calculator

Estimate both the year-to-year and total impact of taxes and inflation on the value of your investments.

Spend it or save it calculator

Compare the effects of taxes and penalties when taking a retirement plan distribution vs. allowing it to grow tax-deferred when you leave your employer.

Time, not timing, is what matters

When you invest isn't as important as how long you stay invested.

Make sense of interest rates

Interest rates may work for you or against you. Learn how they can impact your finances.

Why do I need asset allocation?

Chasing the latest trend can lead to disappointing results. Invest strategically and tune out the headlines.

Stocks and bonds: What's the difference?

The most common assets available to investors, stocks and bonds, tend to have an inverse relationship. So owning both can be a good idea.

How diversification can lower risk

If you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, you could reduce the chance of everything falling apart.

The power of compounding

Make your money work for you and learn how growth can accelerate over time.

Master the basics of mutual funds

Learn how mutual funds work and how to make the most of them.

Mutual fund asset classes

Determine what types of funds can help you meet your investment objectives.

Automatic investment plans: A systematic, all-weather strategy

Learn how a program of regular investing can help you weather market declines.

The importance of setting clear investment goals

One of the first steps to investing wisely is to clearly define your investment goals.

Is it time to find a new financial professional?

The right financial professional can be an empowering partner. It’s all a matter of finding someone who’s right for you.

Do I need a financial professional?

A financial professional can help you better understand your finances and make plans for the future.

Build your own financial support team

A change in your life can shift your perspective and priorities. Find trusted partners to help guide you through it.

Will you have enough savings at retirement?

Retirement is probably the most significant investment challenge you will face. Learn how much you may need over the long term.

Playing catch-up with retirement savings contributions

If you got a late start or have fallen behind on your retirement savings, consider these options.

Changing jobs? Don't forget to protect retirement savings

Decide what to do with a retirement account you had with a former employer.

Understanding volatility

Plan for the inevitable ups and downs of the market and invest in a way that can help you ride them out.

How diversification can help lower risk

Diversification can be an important part of investing. Although it doesn't eliminate risk, learn how keeping a variety of investments can help reduce the chance of things falling apart.

Benefits of long-term investing

Sticking to your strategy may be the secret to success. These tips can help you make a long-term commitment to investing.


Wherever you are in life, we're there with you

Whether you’re starting a family or sending kids to college, launching a business or entering retirement, we help turn your "Can I?" into "I can."

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