Getting started

What to consider when you invest

Build your investing strategy around a goal

Defining your reasons for investing can help you curate the right balance of funds. Here are some of the most popular goals.

Retire when you want

Your timeline influences your retirement investment strategy. Explore options and learn how to build a plan that fits your needs.

Save for something big

From a college education to a new home, each big goal takes a slightly different investing strategy.

Put extra money to work

Have you recently come into unexpected money? Before investing, decide when you’ll want to spend it.

Three concepts everyone should know

Weighing the role of risk

The greater the risk, the greater the potential return. But you also need to balance it against your other goals, your time horizon, your tolerance for risk of loss and the potential for losing money.

Spread out your money

Many people start by dividing their money among investments, which is called diversification. It means you’re aiming for a mix of investments that vary by asset class as well as characteristics such as size, industry and geography.

Check back in to stay ahead

Today's highest returning funds aren't always the best choice in the long run. We'll show you how to regularly review your own investments and make adjustments as needed.

Decoding fund details

Let’s break down fund data so that you know what some common terms mean and what to look out for.

Investment strategies aren’t one size fits all

Read how different investors have found an investing strategy to match their needs and goals.

Meet Parker

As a young investor, she has plenty of time to weather the market's ups and downs. Funds focused on growth with a proven track record make her feel more confident.


Meet Faraj

With plenty saved and less than 20 years to retire, he still wants a growth strategy, just a less risky one. Funds that pay dividends sound good to him.


Meet Anna

She’s counting down to retirement and doesn’t want to stumble this close to the finish line. She wants funds with the potential to preserve capital and provide a steady income once she’s retired.


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