Investments and contributions

Before you get started

Investments are generally processed the day they are received and are credited to your account the same business day. Investments received after the close of the New York Stock Exchange are invested at the next business day’s price per share. Consider talking to your financial professional before investing. They can offer advice and help you make decisions that support your long-term financial plan.

Things to consider

  • To prevent delays, you must provide investment instructions, including the account and fund(s) to be credited. Investments cannot be processed until complete instructions are provided, which can impact the trade date the investment receives.  
  • Investments made from a bank account via Automated Clearing House (ACH) are credited to your account at Capital Group on the day they are received. It may take your bank up to three business days to debit your checking or savings account.
  • Some accounts, including most employer-sponsored and ABLEAmerica® plans, are not eligible for online investments.

Popular tasks

Invest online

Most accounts allow you to link a bank account and make investments online. Go to your account and click Buy.

Invest via check

Investment checks and instructions can be mailed to a Service Center.

Automatic investments

Automatically invest a specified dollar amount. Go to your account and click Automatic Transactions.

Roll over from a retirement account

Roll over a retirement account to your account at Capital Group.

Roll over from an education account

Roll over an education account to your account at Capital Group.

Link your bank account to easily make investments in your account at Capital Group

By linking your bank account, you can easily and securely invest via Automated Clearing House (ACH).

Just log in and click Set Up under Bank Information.

Understanding your investment options

Looking for information about share classes?

Learn about the different share classes offered for American Funds and sales charges that may apply.

Have tax-related questions?

Find information to help you with your annual tax filing, including FAQ, worksheets and more.

Find information on completing transactions and updates by account type

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