Exchanges and rebalances

Before you get started

Requests to exchange or rebalance your account(s) at Capital Group are generally processed on the same business day. Requests received after the close of the New York Stock Exchange are processed using the next business day’s price per share. Consider talking to your financial professional before completing an exchange or rebalance. They can offer advice and help you make decisions that support your long-term financial plan.

Things to consider:

  • Exchanges and rebalances are generally allowed within the same account type and share class
  • When Class A shares in American Funds U.S. Government Money Market Fund that have not been subject to a sales charge are exchanged, a sales charge will apply
  • Depending on your account type, exchanges and rebalances can have the same tax consequences as ordinary sales and purchases. Consult a tax advisor for more information.
  • As investments grow at different rates, an account's or portfolio's asset mix may change. Rebalancing aligns the account or portfolio into a desired allocation.
  • Rebalance requests must equal 100% of the account balance, and at least one fund in the account must change by 5% or more

Popular tasks

One-time exchange

You can request exchanges online. Go to your account and click Exchange.

Automatic exchanges

Automatically exchange a specified amount on a recurring basis. Go to your account and click Automatic Transactions.

One-time rebalances

You can request rebalances online. Go to your account and click Rebalance.

Automatic rebalances

Automatically rebalance your account on a recurring basis. Go to your account and click Automatic Transactions.

You can also set up automatic exchanges and rebalances by completing the Mutual Fund Account Options (PDF) form for investment accounts, the Traditional or Roth IRA Account Options (PDF) form or the CollegeAmerica® Account Options (PDF) form.

Link your bank account to easily make investments in your account at Capital Group

By linking your bank account, you can easily and securely invest via Automated Clearing House (ACH).

Just log in and click Set Up under Bank Information.

The benefits of automatic transactions

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