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Account activity email notifications help you stay informed about your clients’ accounts. You select the frequency of your emails and the types of notifications you’d like to receive.

Signing up is easy!

Just go to Account Activity Notifications in your Communications Preferences to get started.

Types of notifications

  • One-time transactions
  • Automatic transactions
  • Dividends and capital gains
Note: You can decide the minimum dollar amount you'd like to be notified about.

  • New account setup
  • Address change
  • Change in financial professional, accounts added to your book of business (the previous financial professional will not receive a notification)
  • Transfer of assets (TOA) submitted to resigning trustee
  • TOA submitted 30 days ago, and the resigning trustee has not responded
  • TOA received

  • Automatic withdrawal plan nearing fund depletion
  • Automatic withdrawal plan nearing scheduled end date
  • Fund is below fund minimum
  • Unmet statement of intention (SOI) nearing expiration
  • Uncashed check (check issued from a client's account has remained uncashed for more than five weeks)
  • Undeliverable mail (mail sent to a client has been returned as undeliverable)
  • Undeliverable mail reminder (client has been unreachable by mail for over 125 days)

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