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American Funds 2035 glide path

The fund is designed for investors who plan to retire in, or close to, the year 2035 and begin withdrawing their money.

A glide path is a visual representation of how the investments in each of our funds change over time based on the target retirement date. Depending on the proximity to its target date, the fund will seek to achieve the following objectives to varying degrees: growth, income and conservation of capital. Learn more about the benefits of our glide path.

This layer chart shows the glide path — the allocation of the mix of underlying funds over time — from age 20 to age 95. The five categories of underlying funds are: growth funds, growth-and-income funds, equity-income funds, balanced funds and fixed income funds. The chart shows that at age 20, the greatest allocation is to growth and growth-and-income funds (together, consisting of 85% of total assets), followed by balanced funds (10%) and fixed income funds (5%). As investors age and approach retirement, the allocation to growth and growth-and-income funds declines, and the allocations to equity-income funds, balanced funds and fixed-income funds increase. After retirement, the growth and growth-and-income funds continue to decline, while allocations to fixed income grow substantially. At retirement, growth funds have 6% of assets, growth-and-income funds have 24% of assets, equity-income funds have 13% of assets, balanced funds have 12% of assets and fixed income funds have 45%. The allocation to equity-income funds also grows gradually over the course of retirement. At age 95, there are no allocations to growth funds. Growth-and-income funds have 5% of assets, equity-income funds have 28% of assets, balanced funds have 7% of assets and fixed income funds have 60% of assets.

The target allocations shown are as of March 31, 2022, and are subject to the oversight committee's discretion. The investment adviser anticipates assets will be invested within a range that deviates no more than 10% above or belowthe allocations shown in the prospectus/characteristics statement. Underlying funds may be added or removed during the year. Visit for current allocations.

Asset mix¹

The asset mix seeks to balance risk and return over time by diversifying investments across asset types such as stocks and bonds. Stocks have the highest long-term return potential while bonds can help manage the risk of market declines.

This donut chart shows the percentage of assets allocated to each category as a percentage of the whole.

 U.S. stocks


 Non-U.S. stocks


 U.S. bonds


 Non-U.S. bonds


 Cash & equivalents


As of 4/30/2022

Cash and equivalents includes short-term securities, accrued income and other assets less liabilities. It may also include investments in money market or similar funds managed by the investment adviser or its affiliates that are not offered to the public.
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Although the target date portfolios are managed for investors on a projected retirement date time frame, the allocation strategy does not guarantee that investors' retirement goals will be met. Investment professionals manage the portfolio, moving it from a more growth-oriented strategy to a more income-oriented focus as the target date gets closer. The target date is the year that corresponds roughly to the year in which an investor is assumed to retire and begin taking withdrawals. Investment professionals continue to manage each portfolio for approximately 30 years after it reaches its target date.

Target allocation

The following identifies allocation by investment objective and the underlying funds for each.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

This donut chart shows the percentage of assets allocated to each fund as a percentage of the whole.





American Funds Global Insight Fund℠


The Growth Fund of America®


The New Economy Fund®


New Perspective Fund®


New World Fund®


SMALLCAP World Fund®




American Mutual Fund®


Capital World Growth and Income Fund®


Fundamental Investors®


International Growth and Income Fund℠


The Investment Company of America®


Washington Mutual Investors Fund℠




Capital Income Builder®


The Income Fund of America®




American Balanced Fund®


American Funds Global Balanced Fund℠




American Funds Inflation Linked Bond Fund®


American Funds Mortgage Fund®


Capital World Bond Fund®


Intermediate Bond Fund of America®


U.S. Government Securities Fund®


As of 4/30/2022

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