We believe in taking a long-term view



Because time matters more than timing.

At Capital Group, home of American Funds, we follow a long-term approach because we believe it’s the best way to help investors achieve their financial goals. 

Whether it’s saving for college, retirement or a house, nothing happens overnight. Our commitment to long-term investing takes many forms, and our culture and system reinforce them all.

Long term means it pays to put in the time.

Our investment professionals’ compensation is tied to short, medium and long-term results, with a greater focus on the long term.    

Why is that important? Because longer measurement periods mean more time for well-researched, high-conviction investments to perform well. Because they have time to build results, our investment professionals seek to avoid taking outsized risks in pursuit of short-term results. 

Graphic illustrates that Capital Group investment professionals maintain 70% longer holding periods, on average, versus Morningstar category peers as of June 30, 2020.

As of June 30, 2020.

On average, the equity-focused American Funds hold their investments for 3.03 years, whereas their peers hold their investments for 1.78 years, based on the equal-weighted blended averages across each of the 18 equity-focused American Funds’ respective Morningstar categories. Please see the bottom of the page for a list of each fund’s respective Morningstar category.

Long term means experience.

All of our portfolio managers have more than 10 years of industry experience. 

Almost nine out of 10 have at least 20 years in the industry, and more than a third have over three decades of experience.

Graphic shows 100% of portfolio managers have 10+ years experience, 89% have 20+ years experience and 37% have 30+ years experience.

As of December 31, 2019. 

Many of our portfolio managers have experienced multiple market crises and have kept cool heads during bumpy rides.

Graphic shows that 9% of portfolio managers have experienced market crises during the 1982 recession, 24% have experienced the October 1987 crash and 57% of our fixed income portfolio managers have experienced the difficult 1994 bond market as of December 31, 2019.

As of December 31, 2019.

Long term means there is power in being private. 

At public companies, quarterly profits often drive short-term thinking.      

Capital Group is a privately held firm. So rather than being distracted by what’s good for "the Street," we can focus on what’s best for long-term investors. We believe that being privately held for nearly 90 years has helped maintain our investor-focused culture.

Long term means prioritizing long-term superior results.

Our long-term thinking has gotten results for our investors for almost nine decades.

For nearly 90 years, we have managed multiple investment strategies through various investment vehicles. And while investment results vary, the equity-focused American Funds have generated strong results versus peers, with our funds having beaten their Lipper peer indexes in 92% of 10-year periods and 99% of 20-year periods.*

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*Based on Class F-2 share results for rolling periods through December 31, 2019. Periods covered are the shorter of the fund’s lifetime or since the comparable Lipper index inception date (except Capital Income Builder and SMALLCAP World Fund, for which the Lipper average was used). Expenses differ for each share class, so results will vary.

American Funds Morningstar categories: The peer groups against which we compare the American Funds in these charts reflect the averages of the relevant Morningstar U.S. Active Fund categories. The 18 equity-focused American Funds used in our analysis and their relevant Morningstar U.S. Active Fund categories with which they were compared are as follows: AMCAP Fund, The Growth Fund of America, The New Economy Fund (Large Growth); American Mutual Fund, Washington Mutual Investors Fund (Large Value); Fundamental Investors, The Investment Company of America (Large Blend); American Balanced Fund (Allocation—50% to 70% Equity); Capital Income Builder, American Funds Global Balanced Fund (World Allocation); The Income Fund of America (Allocation—70% to 85% Equity); Capital World Growth and Income Fund, New Perspective Fund (World Large Stock); New World Fund, American Funds Developing World Growth and Income Fund (Diversified Emerging Markets); EuroPacific Growth Fund (Foreign Large Growth); SMALLCAP World Fund (World Small/Mid Stock); International Growth and Income Fund (Foreign Large Blend).

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