Tax-related FAQ

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Answers to tax-reporting and filing questions can vary based on your situation and account type.

Things to consider

  • View the tax form schedule to see when you will receive your tax forms and what information is reported on each form
  • You will not receive a tax form if you did not have a tax-reportable transaction for the tax year
  • Log in to your account to download your tax forms and statements
  • Tax reporting and the tax forms you may receive vary by account type
  • Information provided is for educational purposes. Consult a tax advisor for questions on your specific situation.

Popular tax FAQ

General tax questions

Get answers to general tax questions about dividend and capital gain reporting, return of capital and cost basis.

529 tax questions

Get answers to 529 account tax questions such as gift tax limits, strategy changes and distribution tax reporting.

IRA tax questions

Get answers to IRA tax questions about contribution limits, deadlines, deductibility and distribution tax reporting.

Individual, joint and trust account tax questions

Get answers to retail account tax questions about reportable transactions and tax forms you may receive.

How to access your tax forms

Get help with accessing and downloading your statements and tax forms.

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