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Getting to know Capital Group

Who we are

For 92 years, we've been helping people take control of their financial futures.

What we offer

We make funds and accounts available for a variety of investing styles.

The benefits of a financial professional

We believe working with a financial professional is key to successful financial planning and in helping you reach your financial goals. That’s why most of our account applications are not provided on our website. 


A financial professional can help you:

  • Set objectives
  • Create an investment plan
  • Establish and manage your account(s)

If you are not working with a financial professional, our locator tool can help you find one in your area. 

Opening a CollegeAmerica® 529 or ABLEAmerica® account

For a complete investment strategy, we recommend choosing a financial professional to work with. To find one near you, use our  financial professional locator tool. For investors who are interested in opening a new account without working with a financial professional, Capital Group provides applications for CollegeAmerica and ABLEAmerica accounts.

Opening a CollegeAmerica 529 savings plan

Learn more about CollegeAmerica 529 education savings plans and download an application.

Opening an ABLEAmerica plan

Learn more about ABLEAmerica plans and download an application. 

CollegeAmerica and ABLEAmerica are nationwide plans sponsored by Virginia 529

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