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Important: American Funds College 2024 Fund will be closed on March 22, 2024 and assets will be merged into the American Funds College Enrollment Fund.

High & Low Prices

For Class 529-F-2 Shares, this chart tracks the high and low prices at NAV for FACRX over the last 20 years, or since inception date if the fund has been in existence under 20 years.


Fund Objective
Depending on the proximity to its target date, the fund will seek to achieve the following objectives to varying degrees: growth, income and preservation of capital. The target date is meant to roughly correspond to the year in which the fund beneficiary will start to withdraw funds to meet higher education expenses. The fund will increasingly emphasize income and preservation of capital by investing a greater portion of its assets in fixed income, equity-income and balanced funds as it approaches and passes its target date. In this way, the fund seeks to achieve an appropriate balance of total return and stability during different time periods.

Fund Facts

Fund Inception 9/14/2012
CUSIP 02629M 421
Fund Number 1692

Prices & Distributions

Internal Prompt

Historical Prices Month-End

Historical Prices Year-End

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Historical Distributions as of 03/22/24

Pay Date
Income Dividend Regular
Income Dividend Special
Cap. Gains Long-Term
Cap. Gains Short-Term
Reinvest NAV
03/20/24 03/20/24 03/21/24 $0.0842 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $10.94
2024 Year-to-Date: Dividends Subtotal: $0.0842 Cap Gains Subtotal: $0.00
Total Distributions: $0.0842