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Webinar: A deep dive into Capital Group SMA strategies
Sponsored on behalf of Capital Research and Management Company, manager of Capital Group SMAs.
June 4

Webinar series: Volatility 2020 - Weathering the storm

News & Updates

Capital Group Canada announces additional tiers for lower management fees

Capital Group hires industry veteran Kevin Martino to enhance institutional presence in Canada

Duplicate 2019 tax slips are available online in our Tax Centre

Canadian Core Plus Fixed Income: A change to the monthly distribution date

Final 2019 distributions for Capital Group Funds (Canada)

Our Guide to market recoveries puts volatility and recoveries in perspective and provides insights on how to navigate this difficult part of the market cycle.
Worried the next recession is imminent? Our U.S. economists offer their perspectives on the next recession and answer key questions to help you prepare.
Is a weak economy leaving you anxious? Here are 5 realities to keep in mind when navigating this recession.
As markets remain volatile and the world copes with COVID-19, a veteran portfolio manager shares his perspective on long-term investment opportunities.



Capital Group Funds (Canada) are managed by Capital International Asset Management (Canada), Inc., part of The Capital Group Companies, Inc.

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As a privately owned company, Capital Group strives to share economies of scale with investors and to keep fees as low as possible while offering premium global research.

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Our proprietary process for investing combines concentration and diversification in a single portfolio.