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Upended by rising Treasury bond yields, global stocks have declined sharply in recent days as investors grapple with concerns over tighter U.S. monetary policy, a brewing trade war and slowing economic growth in China.

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Capital Group Canada continues fee reductions and series simplification:

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Capital Group Canada discontinues deferred sales charge purchase option:

U.S. midterm elections are November 6. These five charts dig into the history of midterms and offer some thoughts on how investors may want to think about the current cycle.
After a stellar 2017, European equities have disappointed investors so far this year. Global trade disputes and slowing economic growth are largely to blame.
Jim Lovelace, principal investment officer and portfolio manager for Capital Income Builder, shares his perspective on six key questions facing dividend investors today.
Although emerging markets have hit a rough patch, we see investment opportunities in companies in Asia-Pacific and India, which are benefiting from technological change and economic growth.



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