Global citizenship and sustainability

We're investing in our people, communities and environment.

Capital Group’s global citizenship

Caring for people and our communities is central to who we are and the way we run our business. We empower associates to give back to the community through the causes they care about. We champion greater access to financial services. And we're committed to operating sustainably.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We believe that diverse and inclusive teams can generate better ideas and better decisions, so we make every effort in our business practices to ensure that no individual or group feels excluded. We also believe that advancing DE&I more broadly leads to healthier and more productive businesses and societies.


Taking action

We strive to create a work environment that helps us recruit, hire and retain the best talent, who bring with them diverse skills, backgrounds and perspectives. When our associates are successful, our clients and communities can be too.


We have steadily increased the diversity of our associates, especially at the senior manager level, and we're on track to meet or exceed our goals for 2025.


Learn more about our DE&I efforts, as we reflect and share where we've made progress and where we need to do better.

Operating sustainably

We’re taking steps to make our global operations more sustainable. Our corporate sustainability strategy emphasizes renewable energy, reducing travel when possible and increasing sustainability in our office site selection and design.

Renewable energy

In 2022, almost half of the electricity used by our largest office (Irvine) came from on-site solar panels.


Capital Group advocates for consistent disclosure on climate impacts across companies and issuers, in accordance with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

Relationships with suppliers

Building strong connections with our business partners is a cornerstone of our success. We're committed to cultivating partnerships with, and supporting the growth of, diverse suppliers and small businesses. Doing so is good business and supports economic growth in our communities.

Supplier code of conduct

Capital Group's Supplier Code of Conduct provides information about our expectations and recommended best practices for our suppliers. These recommendations include, but aren't limited to, fair labour and human rights, DE&I, environmental stewardship and ethical business practices.


Learn more about our supplier code of conduct.


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We believe we can help investors succeed by remaining true to our core values


We have a distinctive way of managing money, and we emphasize research and a long-term view

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