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Introducing Capital Income Builder

Pursuing above-average and growing income from around the world.

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An endowment-like approach

Capital Income Builder is designed to provide individuals with an endowment-like experience, produce a steady stream of growing income and deliver a smoother contour of results.

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current income




return profile

“Capital Income Builder’s mandate grows more
relevant with each passing year. We’re living longer,
costs continue to rise and our years in retirement
could match our working years.”




Going global for income opportunities

Capital Income Builder looks beyond North America in seeking dividends. There are more companies in Europe with yields higher than 3% than in North America.

WATCH: A global approach to the question of dividend growth


Sources: MSCI, RIMES. As of 9/30/18.


A disciplined eligibility process

Capital Income Builder's investment professionals adhere to a strict methodology to select equities that meet stringent income and income-growth requirements.
A global team of analysts seeks out the best dividend opportunities from around the world.
Investment analysts review 20 years of dividend history and forecast three-year dividend growth.
Portfolio managers carefully review and select companies from those that emerge from the eligibility process.


Deep roots in dividend investing

Capital Group has managed global equity-income strategies for more than 40 years.

US$450 billion

Managed in dividend-focused
mandates worldwide


First global equity-income
strategy for U.S. investors


Introduced Capital Income
Builder for U.S. investors


Data represents the entire Capital Group organization for the 12-month period ending December 31, 2017.

Built by experienced and
proven portfolio managers.


The mandate's 12 portfolio managers have a median of 28 years of investment experience and 23 years with Capital Group.


68 investment analysts, with 19 years of median experience, also manage a portion of the portfolio.


The Capital SystemSM enables individual investment professionals to act on their highest convictions, while limiting the risk associated with isolated decision-making.

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Next steps

Protecting and growing your clients' wealth is our mission.

Includes Capital Income Builder brochure, client letter/email template, and fund overview sheet.

Let's talk about how you can use Capital Income Builder to help your clients reach their investment goals.

Jim Lovelace is an investment professional on the Capital Income Builder strategy that was conceived in the U.S. more than 30 years ago. He is a portfolio manager of Capital Group Capital Income BuilderSM (Canada), available to Canadian investors on October 31, 2018.

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