higher inflation, financial markets
Moderately higher inflation shouldn't unsettle markets

Our chart shows S&P 500 returns under various inflation environments, and indicates that moderately increasing inflation is not typically a drag on equities.

April 2018

yield curve, inverted
What does a flattening yield curve mean for the U.S. economy?

Our chart shows that an inverted yield curve has preceded past U.S. recessions. Find out what history tells us about the start of the next recession.

April 2018

federal reserve, inflation protection
The U.S. Fed Keeps a Close Eye on Inflation. Here's Why
You Should, Too.

Fixed income investment professionals weigh in on inflationary pressures, central bank policy and the benefits of global inflation-protected securities.

April 2018

global equity, carl kawaja
Reflections on 15 Years of the Global Equity Mandate

Portfolio manager Carl Kawaja discusses the two core principles for creating Global Equity, and looks forward to the future with confidence.

April 2018

equity valuations, equity returns
A Caution Signal for the U.S. Equity Market?

Forward-looking U.S. equity valuations are at levels that would suggest future returns may be less robust, as shown in chart.

April 2018

political shocks, equity returns
Setbacks From Shocks Are Often Short-Lived

Our chart shows that market declines from political and economic shocks are often short-lived and can be followed by strong equity returns.

March 2018


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