Will Craig, tech stocks
Are Tech Stocks in for Bubble Trouble?

A near-term correction for tech stocks is a distinct possibility, says investment analyst Will Craig. Here he offers his longer term outlook for the internet sector.

November 2017

women investing, stereotypes, millennial women
Women and Investing: Myth vs. Reality

Capital Group research has revealed some surprising findings on women's attitudes toward investing for retirement and their financial power, challenges and expectations as investors.

November 2017

Harvard University, large cap equities
Constraints Can Be Costly for Investors — Embrace Flexibility

Flexible mandates can allow investment professionals to access their best ideas, helping skillful portfolio managers deliver better results.

November 2017

Long View, rise of multinationals
The Long View: The World is Open For Business

This issue of The Long View discusses the changing landscape of global business and its potential impacts to investors.

October 2017

Gerald Du Manoir, International Equity
Connectivity Is One Investment Megatrend to Watch

The way not only people, but things, connect with one another presents a world of investment opportunities. Portfolio manager of Capital Group International Equity FundSM (Canada) Gerald Du Manoir shares this and two other themes that have captured his interest.

October 2017


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