china trade, tariffs, trade war
U.S.-China trade battle heats up

Rising trade tensions between the U.S. and China will intersect with U.S. electoral politics in the short run and challenge key sectors in the long run.

July 2018

midyear outlook, tight monetary policy, trade war
2018 Midyear Outlook

Midway through 2018, virtually all countries find themselves in the midst of an economic upswing. But the spectre of tighter monetary policy, trade skirmishes and other factors may leave investors wondering, "What's next?"

July 2018

fixed income, global economy
Fixed income reality check

The global economy has recovered, but credit markets are late in the cycle and stretched. Some popular strategies increase risk, but there are alternatives.

July 2018

global investing, stock valuations
Global investing reality check

Valuations point to relatively attractive investments outside North America, but many global strategies may not capture the full opportunity. There are alternatives.

June 2018

treasury yields
10-year U.S. Treasury yields: 3 views on 3%

Three Capital Group portfolio managers discuss how they expect higher U.S. Treasury bond yields to impact markets.

May 2018

volatility, long term investing
Volatility: The long-term investor's unlikely ally

Market volatility can create opportunity after adversity. Two of Capital Group's investment professionals explain how.

May 2018

market volatility
Putting market volatility in perspective

Capital Group investment professionals offer some reasoned perspective on the return of market volatility.

April 2018

technology sector market volatility
Technology Sector Remains Attractive, Despite Recent Steep Decline

Capital Group equity investment analyst Irfan Furniturewala explains his optimistic outlook for the technology sector.

April 2018

federal reserve, inflation protection
The U.S. Fed Keeps a Close Eye on Inflation. Here's Why You Should, Too.

Fixed income investment professionals weigh in on inflationary pressures, central bank policy and the benefits of global inflation-protected securities.

April 2018

china tariffs, financial market volatility, rob lovelace
U.S.-China Trade Dispute May Rankle Markets but Shouldn't Derail Global Economy

The ongoing U.S.-China trade spat may keep volatility high but shouldn't derail the global economy.

March 2018

interest rates, tom hollenberg
U.S. Interest Rates to Stay Range-Bound, Despite Uptick in Inflation

Fixed income analyst Tom Hollenberg explains why interest rates should remain range-bound, despite rising inflation and tightening by central banks.

March 2018

tariffs, china relations, steel
A New Chapter in U.S.-China Trade Relations Unfolds

While proposed tariffs will affect many countries, investors should focus on China, which could become a much bigger source of controversy.

March 2018

market volatility, fixed income
Renewed Volatility Means It's Time to Refocus on Fixed Income

Mike Gitlin, head of fixed income at Capital Group, discusses the current market environment and what it means for bond investors.

February 2018

market volatility, Tim Armour
The Return of Market Volatility Is Expected and Healthy

Capital Group Chairman and CEO Tim Armour discusses the drivers of a sudden market downturn and his long-term outlook for the financial markets.

February 2018

stock pullback, market downturn, inflation
Stocks Pull Back Amid Signs of Rising Rates and Higher Inflation

Equities have been hit with sharp losses in recent days, as strong economic indicators could bring tighter financial conditions.

February 2018

market declines, volatility
A Brief History of Market Turbulence

Throughout history, market declines have been frequent. A well-diversified portfolio can help investors ride out the ups and downs.

February 2018

2018 outlook, global investing
2018 Outlook: Time for Balance and Flexibility

Capital Group investment professionals offer their views on the 2018 outlook for global markets and the economy.

December 2017

women investing, stereotypes, millennial women
Women and Investing: Myth vs. Reality

Capital Group research has revealed some surprising findings on women's attitudes toward investing for retirement and their financial power, challenges and expectations as investors.

November 2017

Harvard University, large cap equities
Constraints Can Be Costly for Investors — Embrace Flexibility

Flexible mandates can allow investment professionals to access their best ideas, helping skillful portfolio managers deliver better results.

November 2017

Long View, rise of multinationals
The Long View: The World is Open For Business

This issue of The Long View discusses the changing landscape of global business and its potential impacts to investors.

October 2017

core bond allocation, luke farrell
Is Now the Time to De-Risk Your Core Bond Allocation?

As equity markets hit new highs and credit spreads tighten, it may signal a need to shift your portfolio to core bond funds that diversify.

October 2017

passive fixed income
Four Key Limitations of Passive Fixed Income Strategies

Passive bond strategies are widely used by investors to gain broad-based, inexpensive access to fixed income. However, we see four key limitations that exist for fixed income index portfolios of which investors should be aware.

October 2017

tech boom, dot-com bubble, tech economy, jody jonsson
4 Charts That Show This Tech Boom Is No Dot-Com Bubble

Shares of many technology giants are at record highs, rekindling comparisons to the dot-com bubble. But this boom is different. Here's a closer look.

September 2017

emerging markets, Europe economy
5 Questions About Investing in the Second Half of 2017

The world's major economies all appear to be on the road to recovery, providing unprecedented opportunities for companies and investors.

August 2017

North American bias, global exposure
Using U.S. Stocks As a Proxy for Global Exposure? Here's What You May Be Missing.

Investors with "North American bias" could be missing out on promising investments abroad.

July 2017

Noriko Chen
Why This Portfolio Manager Sees Her Glass Half Full

Even as global growth slows, there are still opportunities for investors. Capital Group portfolio manager Noriko Chen explains.

July 2017

objective-based investing
Back to the Future: The Return of Objective-Based Investing

A brief history of portfolio construction and insights on the return of objective-based investing.

July 2017

tech companies, stock market rally
Tech Is Hijacking the Stock Market — 3 Reasons Why That's OK

Tech's weighting in U.S. markets is the highest it's been since the tech-stock boom. Analyst Will Craig discusses why the sector's influence may intensify as the market appreciates its growth prospects.

June 2017

midyear outlook 2017
2017 Midyear Outlook: The Global Economic Picture Brightens

Our 2017 Midyear Outlook takes an in-depth look at how economic momentum is building across the globe amid political uncertainty.

June 2017

global rally, trade war, BRIC
Eight Charts That Explain the Emerging Markets Rally

These charts shed some light on the rebound in emerging markets and factors that could help sustain gains for stocks in the developing world.

June 2017

global trade, david polak, rob lovelace
Shifting Global Trade Patterns Bring New Opportunities

As the new U.S. administration aims to renegotiate trade agreements with key partners, what will global trade and commerce look like in the coming years, and how will it influence the investment landscape?

June 2017

U.S. expansion, Federal Reserve, Brexit
10 Charts That Explain What You Need to Know About the U.S. Economy

The U.S. economy has been through a lot in the last decade. Since the financial crisis, economic growth has been slow but consistent, while stocks have surged. But the big question on everyone's mind is — is this sustainable?

June 2017

emerging technology, bitcoin, blockchain
Blockchain Technology Breaks Its Shackles

The emerging technology of blockchain could dramatically change the financial system. Capital Group professionals explain why.

May 2017

artificial intelligence, Jared Franz, Rob Lovelace
The Long View: The Age of Artificial Intelligence Is Here

Artificial intelligence is poised to fuel a wave of innovation, and provide unprecedented opportunities for investors.

May 2017

French Elections, Emmanuel Macron
French Elections, Part Deux

Capital Group investment professionals discuss the outlook for European markets and the economy following pivotal elections in France.

May 2017

Talha Khan, french elections
French Elections: A Referendum on the Future of Europe

Capital Group political economist Talha Khan discusses his outlook for the French elections.

April 2017

Jonathan Knowles, Brexit
A Brit's View of Brexit

The United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, known as Brexit, will work out just fine, according to Capital Group’s Jonathan Knowles.

April 2017

Talha Khan, Rob Lovelace, international stocks
Here's Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on International Stocks

Investors may be disappointed by lackluster results from international stocks, but there are important reasons to stay the course.

March 2017

Darrell Spence, PE ratio
U.S. Stocks May Not Be as Expensive as They Seem. Here's Why:

U.S. stocks are at historic highs. But the S&P 500's elevated P/E ratio can be misleading — meaning stocks can still go higher.

March 2017

Ritchie Tuazon, Timothy Ng, rate hike
The U.S. Fed's Rate Lift in March Could Slow the Pace of Future Hikes

The Fed raised rates by 25 basis points at its March 15, 2017 meeting. We see three central reasons why it opted to raise rates.

March 2017

Luke Farrell, bond investing
3 Reasons Bond Investors Need Not Panic About Rising Rates

Investors worry that rising rates will hamper bond prices, but unless hikes are sharp and risks suddenly fade, additional yield could overcome capital losses.

March 2017

Tim Armour, Warren Buffett, Indexing
Adding Our Voice to the Indexing Dialogue

In recent years, the idea that investment managers can't beat the index has become something of a truism within investing circles. Tim Armour, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, offers his perspective.

March 2017

india, currency, narendra modi
Has India's Economy Recovered From the Shock Currency Recall?

Thoughts on India's economy after the shock currency recall, the release of the government's fiscal budget and key state elections.

March 2017

Steve Deschenes, Rob Lovelace, Capital Group
When Markets Turn Down, Select Managers Have Often Held Up

Funds with certain characteristics have, on average, tended to generate better results during market turbulence.

February 2017

China's Economy in 2017, Stephen Green, Capital Group
Where Is China's Economy Headed in 2017?

Thoughts on the growth prospects for the world's second-largest economy, its red-hot housing market and weakening currency.

February 2017

Consuming class, history of capitalism
By 2025, 4.2 Billion People Will Be Part of the Consuming Class

The emergence of consumer classes in developing countries may well be the biggest opportunity in the history of capitalism.

February 2017

Five Keys to Investing, Carl Kawaja, Capital Group
Five Keys to Investing in 2017

There are steps investors can take to be prepared for market volatility and political uncertainty.

January 2017

2017 Outlook, Capital Group
2017 Outlook: Navigating a World in Transition

Our 2017 Outlook takes a trip around the globe to detail the most important economic and investment themes for the year ahead.

January 2017

Donald Trump, interest rates
How Trump's Policies Might Move Interest Rates

Implications for interest rates, inflation and the U.S. Federal Reserve.

November 2016

Global consumer, consumer spending
The Changing Face of the Global Consumer

This edition of The Long View takes you around the world to learn how changing consumption patterns are driving economies and markets.

November 2016

Capitol Hill, U.S. Election
Trump's Presidential Win May Not Be so Bad for the Economy

Although markets were volatile in response to Donald Trump’s election win, his policy changes may not be so bad for the economy.

November 2016

U.S. Election, U.S. Markets
Five Ways President-Elect Trump Could Move U.S. Markets

With the election over and a new leader chosen, we examine sectors that may be impacted by Washington's new dynamics.

November 2016

Political Populism, Brexit
What Political Populism Means for Investors

Political populism is on the rise around the world. Capital Group portfolio manager Nick Grace explains the kind of impact that can have on investors.

November 2016

Robert Lind, Brexit
Brexit Could Have a Soft or Hard Landing as it Faces Fresh Challenges in U.K.  

Capital Group economist Robert Lind gives his thoughts on the U.K.'s High Court ruling that the British government needs Parliament's approval to pursue Brexit.

November 2016

Irfan Furniturewala
China's Tech Giants Are Leapfrogging the U.S. in Mobile Innovation  

Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu Play Leading Roles in China's New Economy.

November 2016

Capital Group Global Equity, Canadian dollar
Global Equity Demonstrates the Power of 100%  

Showcases Capital Group Global Equity Fund (Canada)'s track record of 3- and 5- year rolling returns versus its benchmark since inception.

August 2016

Key Steps to Retirement
Selecting Managers Who Have Delivered Better Retirement Outcomes

New research shows that funds sharing three essential characteristics — including downside resilience — have tended to deliver index-beating outcomes for income-focused investors.

August 2016

Fixed Income, Mike Gitlin, Quantitative Easing
Fixed Income 3.0  

Investment professionals discuss how to approach bond portfolios in a post-post crisis world.

August 2016

Midyear Outlook, global economy, China growth
Midyear Outlook: Look for Opportunity Through the Fog of Uncertainty  

Our investment professionals look ahead to the second half of 2016, discussing the fallout of Brexit, the resilience of the U.S. economy, China's "long landing," negative interest rates and more.

July 2016

Dale Hanks, U.S. equities, global financial crisis
U.S. Equities: A Selective Approach is Required  

Investment director Dale Hanks discusses reasons to be optimistic about the U.S. economy and the value of a focus on U.S. dividend payers and growers in the current environment.

July 2016

Chasing returns, William Hurt, international equities
The Problem With Chasing Returns  

Investors have moved in and out of global and international equities — and not always at the right time.

July 2016

Emerging markets bonds, Rob Neithart
Uncovering Value in Emerging Markets Bonds Amid Political Change and Uneven Growth  

Emerging markets bonds have notched big gains in 2016, despite political turmoil and economic setbacks.

July 2016

Brexit, Bank of England, Talha Khan
Three Reasons Why the U.K. Should Be O.K.  

As the world focuses on the political and economic implications of Brexit, the key question for investors is, will the U.K. be OK?

July 2016

London, Brexit, New Geography
How Exposed Are U.K. Companies to Brexit?  

Brexit may change the outlook in Europe. However, many European businesses are in fact global and more diverse than might be expected.

July 2016

Brexit, United Kingdom, European Union, David Cameron
U.K. Vote to Leave European Union Roils Financial Markets  

Capital's Perspective on the Long-Term Impact

June 2016

Capital Group, Negative Interest Rates
Sub-Zero World: Not Much Positive About Negative Rates  

Capital Group investment professionals offer their insights on the potential impacts of the new phenomena of negative interest rates.

June 2016

Capital Group, Hilda Applbaum, Jim Mulally, Jeremy Burge, Long View
The Long View: Investing in U.S. Innovation  

A look at how U.S. innovation in biotechnology, batteries, automotive and other areas may provide unprecedented opportunities for companies and investors.

May 2016

Capital Group, Jodi Jonsson, Gerald Du Manoir
The Changing Face of Global Companies  

We've seen a shift in the makeup of global companies over the past decade. These idea-driven firms are creative, nimble and networked.

April 2016

Capital Group, Andrew Dougherty, Stephen Green
China Mired in Slow Growth, Major FX Move Unlikely  

Capital Group economist Stephen Green and China affairs specialist Andrew Dougherty discuss the outlook for China's currency, growth and policy reforms in 2016.

March 2016

Capital Group, Market Volatility, Jim Lovelace
Market Volatility Intensifies Amid Bank Stocks Selloff and Negative Rates in Some Countries

Investment professionals discuss negative interest rates, devaluation of emerging markets currencies and how challenges overseas might impact the U.S. economy.

February 2016

Digital Disruption in Retail Banking

Jeremy Burge, one of the portfolio managers of Capital Group Canadian Focused Equity FundSM (Canada), shares his insights about how Internet companies are contributing to disruption of traditional financial services firms.

January 2016

Capital Group, Canada, 2016 Outlook
2016 Outlook: Seek Bright Spots in Uncertain Markets  

As 2016 unfolds, investors who can see beyond macroeconomic headlines stand to benefit. Get perspective on the latest developments facing investors today with this whitepaper.

January 2016

Capital Group, Rob Lovelace, Laurentius Harrer, Claudia Huntington, 2016 Outlook
2016 Outlook Summary: Seek Bright Spots in Uncertain Markets

As 2016 unfolds, investors who can see beyond macroeconomic headlines stand to benefit. This single-sheet summary provides an overview of Capital Group's outlook for 2016.

January 2016

Capital Group, Rob Lovelace, Jodi Jonsson, Gerald Du Manoir
Investment Insights: 2016 Market Outlook

Investment professionals discuss opportunities in a slow-growth world.

December 2015

Capital Group, Canada, U.S. Fed Interest Rates, Wesley Phoa
U.S. Federal Reserve Rate Decision: Liftoff at Last, but No Cause for Panic

Commentary from Capital Group portfolio managers about the Fed's December 16 interest rate decision.

December 2015

Capital Group, Tim Armour, Brad Barrett
The Long View — Changing Channels: Media's New Direction (PDF)

A look at how innovation and technology have transformed the way people consume information, entertainment and even communicate with each other.

December 2015

Capital Group, Mark Brett, Interest Rates
Expect a Slower Path to Higher U.S. Interest Rates (PDF)

U.S. interest rates may remain suppressed for the foreseeable future, especially against the backdrop of cautious U.S. monetary policy. Can investors make money in the bond market when rates are at historically low levels?

December 2015

Capital Group, Andrew Dougherty, Jens Søndergaard, Gerald du Manoir
Quarterly Outlook — Take on Near-Term Volatility With a Long-Term Focus (PDF)

Perspective on topics like slowing growth in China, rising market volatility, evolving conditions in Europe and dividend opportunities in Japan.

October 2015

Capital Group, Long View
The Long View: The Future is Under Construction (PDF)

A new world is taking shape. Urbanization and the evolution of developing countries will require massive investments in infrastructure, creating opportunities for companies and investors.

August 2015

Capital Group, Stephen Green, Andrew Dougherty, China volatility
The China Syndrome: Meltdown or Recovery Ahead? (PDF)

Economist Stephen Green and China affairs specialist Andrew Dougherty discuss China's economy, the implications of its stock market correction and its shift toward a market-based foreign exchange regime.

August 2015

Capital Group, Tim Armour, Rob Lovelace, China markets
Perspective on Recent Market Selloff Triggered by China Woes (PDF)

Capital Group chairman Tim Armour and portfolio manager Rob Lovelace provide their thoughts on the recent market volatility sparked by events in China.

August 2015

Capital Group Investment Insights, Hilda Applbaum, Darrell Spence
Investment Insights: Secular Change in the U.S. Retail Sector (PDF)

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers' ongoing shift to e-commerce continues to disrupt the competitive landscape — creating compelling long-term investment opportunities.

June 2015

Capital Group - The Long View : The Difference Disruption Makes
The Long View - No Status Quo: The Difference Disruption Makes (PDF)

Innovation and emerging technologies are creating disruptive new products and business models.

May 2015

Capital Group: The Case for Selective Hedging
The U.S. Dollar's Rise is a Double-(H)edged Sword: The Case for Selective Hedging (PDF)

This article addresses the ongoing impact of U.S. dollar strength and currency volatility on investment returns, articulating Capital Group's thinking on why a selective approach to hedging is generally appropriate.

March 2015

Capital Group - The Long View: The Future Looks Bright
The Long View: The Future Looks Bright (PDF)

The world is changing for the better. This issue examines some of the extraordinary developments that are turning dreams into reality, and creating immense bounty and opportunity for companies and investors.

March 2015