fixed income, mike gitlin
Fixed Income at Capital Group: What We Believe and How We Invest

Head of Fixed Income Mike Gitlin sets out the importance of investing in bond funds that don't engage in scope creep and explains what differentiates Capital Group from industry peers.

February 2018

market volatility, fixed income
Renewed Volatility Means It's Time to Refocus on Fixed Income

Mike Gitlin, head of fixed income at Capital Group, discusses the current market environment and what it means for bond investors.

February 2018

volatility, financial markets
Perspectives on Market Volatility

Capital Group Chairman and CEO Tim Armour and Head of Fixed Income Mike Gitlin share their perspectives on financial markets and portfolio implications.

February 2018 | For advisor use only

market volatility, tim armour
Capital Group Chairman Addresses Market Volatility

Capital Group chairman and chief executive officer Tim Armour discusses the sudden return of volatility to the markets and provides helpful context for advisors and investors.

February 2018

market volatility, Tim Armour
The Return of Market Volatility Is Expected and Healthy

Capital Group Chairman and CEO Tim Armour discusses the drivers of a sudden market downturn and his long-term outlook for the financial markets.

February 2018


Capital Group Funds (Canada)

Capital Group investment professionals explain the difference between performance and results, and how volatility is part of our equation for long-term results.

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