china trade, tariffs, trade war
U.S.-China trade battle heats up

Rising trade tensions between the U.S. and China will intersect with U.S. electoral politics in the short run and challenge key sectors in the long run.

July 2018

midyear outlook, tight monetary policy, trade war
2018 Midyear Outlook

Midway through 2018, virtually all countries find themselves in the midst of an economic upswing. But the spectre of tighter monetary policy, trade skirmishes and other factors may leave investors wondering, "What's next?"

July 2018

fixed income, global economy
Fixed income reality check

The global economy has recovered, but credit markets are late in the cycle and stretched. Some popular strategies increase risk, but there are alternatives.

July 2018

emerging markets debt, developed nations
What's next for emerging markets debt?

Our chart shows that emerging market debt levels generally aren't alarming and, in some cases, debt burdens are substantially lower than in major developed nations.

June 2018

global investing, stock valuations
Global investing reality check

Valuations point to relatively attractive investments outside North America, but many global strategies may not capture the full opportunity. There are alternatives.

June 2018

artificial intelligence, machine learning
An up-close look at the future of artificial intelligence

Capital Group investment professionals explain what artificial intelligence is, how it affects you and why it has dramatically changed the investment landscape.

June 2018


Capital Group Funds (Canada)

Capital Group investment professionals explain the difference between performance and results, and how volatility is part of our equation for long-term results.

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