Craig Gordon, Pharma
Pharma's Top Innovators Positioned for Success

Innovation and management are key differentiators in today's diverse pharmaceutical industry. Investment analyst and former physician Craig Gordon discusses what he looks for in a focused portfolio of pharma and biotech companies.

October 2017

FANGs, US valuations, tech stocks
Feeling the Bite From U.S. Valuations? Remove its FANGs

Our chart shows that U.S. valuations are not as high as they seem when removing the largest tech stocks, and are comparable to overseas markets.

October 2017

Shaw Wagener, emerging markets
Emerging Markets Rally Riding on Earnings Growth

Emerging markets are benefiting from the global economic recovery, but does the current rally have staying power? A portfolio manager of Capital Group Emerging Markets Total OpportunitiesSM Fund (Canada) weighs in.

September 2017

Shaw Wagener, Shenzhen, China
Notes From Shenzhen: China's Silicon Valley

Shaw Wagener, a portfolio manager of Capital Group Emerging Markets Total OpportunitiesSM Fund (Canada), shares his thoughts from a recent trip to IT hotbed Shenzhen.

September 2017

Stephen Green, Steve Watson, Asia
Journey to China and Beyond

An on-the-ground look at what's happening in Asia and the opportunities for investors around the world.

September 2017


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