Fake job scams

Key takeaways

  • Legitimate recruitment processes don’t require candidates to pay money to the interviewer.

  • Scammers often offer fake jobs quickly, often after one simple interview via text message or chat. Letigimate interview processeses at large financial firms usually take time and involve multiple interviews/interviewers. It often takes one to three months from resume submission to offer.

  • Scammers create fake websites and apps that look like the company you are hoping to join. They often use the correct logos and website domains that look like, but are not, the real financial firm. Scammers do not have ability to post fake jobs on the firm’s actual website.

  • Scammers sometimes pressure job candidates to take money from them and move it into another account.

Latest fake job scams

Senior executives offering jobs abroad requiring visas

Scammers pretending to be senior executives (e.g., Chief Financial Officer) of financial companies send unsolicited messages to victims offering lucrative positions in an overseas country. Victims are asked to pay for their work visa as part of the recruitment or onboarding process. This money is never returned, and the job doesn't exist.

Payments from victims for better jobs

Victims are asked if they want to make payments during the recruitment process to secure better, higher-paying roles at the company. This money is never returned; the better role and job are fake.

Wiring proceeds of a check to set up home office equipment

Victims are sent a check to deposit in their bank account and then asked to immediately wire the same or similar amount to a vendor via a money service business (e.g., Western Union), presumably to set up their home office. The received check is counterfeit, and the personal funds the victim wired are lost.

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