Advanced fee for funding scams

Advanced fee for funding scams ask victims to pay a fee upfront, in advance of receiving funding (and/or loans) for businesses or projects. The advance payment may be described as a fee, a tax or a payment to government bodies to register the transactions.

Key takeaways

  • Offers of large investments in exchange for advance fees are possibly scams.

  • Beware of investments that are “too good to be true“ — scammers put advertisements online for investments that offer returns that are too good to be true.

  • Scammers often communicate via social media or text message — scammers cold contact victims using a Webmail (e.g., Gmail) address or WhatsApp (or similar) messaging app, offering an investment.

  • Scammers often act as employees of legitimate companies using real names of real employees. They often use the correct logos, and websites and domains that look like, but are not, that of the real financial firm.

  • Official documents can be forged — scammers often present official-looking certificates to victims that may include official-looking stamps and may appear to be signed by real executives.

Latest advanced fee for funding scams

Funding for your business scam

Scammers send unsolicited text messages, instant messages or social media messages to victims offering “immediate funding“ for your business or project. At some point, victims will be required to pay to set up the loan. This money can be explained as a tax, fee or government payment. The fees are not returned, and the funding is not received.

Certificate of Representation scam

Victims are given official looking job titles as “official representatives of the firm“ and in many cases receive signed and stamped certificates granting them authority to seek new business on behalf of a global financial company. In this scam, the role of official representative and the certificates are fake. The scammers are simply using the victims to find other victims.

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