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575 Total Holdings:
As of 9/30/20
All Holdings: 1 - 15 of 575
Security Name Asset Type Shares or
Principal Amount
Market Value Percent of
Net Assets
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Uniform Mortgage-Backed Security 1.50% 2035 Fixed Income 837,201,786 $855,837,898.00 11.78%
Uniform Mortgage-Backed Security 1.50% 2035 Fixed Income 530,632,816 $542,820,921.00 7.47%
Fannie Mae Pool #MA4155 2.00% 2035 Fixed Income 416,185,642 $432,830,987.00 5.96%
Uniform Mortgage-Backed Security 2.50% 2035 Fixed Income 242,320,491 $252,920,801.00 3.48%
Government National Mortgage Assn. 2.00% 2050 Fixed Income 184,138,567 $190,914,314.00 2.63%
Government National Mortgage Assn. 2.50% 2050 Fixed Income 180,335,774 $188,676,304.00 2.6%
U S TREASURY BILL 11/5/2020 Short Term 188,000,000 $187,983,550.00 2.59%
U S TREASURY BILL 12/17/2020 Short Term 176,200,000 $176,164,196.00 2.42%
U.S. Treasury 1.375% 2050 Fixed Income 170,100,000 $166,507,539.00 2.29%
Fannie Mae Pool #MA4154 1.50% 2035 Fixed Income 148,500,000 $152,019,747.00 2.09%
FED HM LN BK BD 11/13/2020 Short Term 139,500,000 $139,485,813.00 1.92%
Fannie Mae Pool #CA5539 3.00% 2050 Fixed Income 125,662,341 $134,120,673.00 1.85%
U.S. Treasury 1.25% 2050 Fixed Income 131,549,400 $124,869,453.00 1.72%
U S TREASURY BILL 12/10/2020 Short Term 120,500,000 $120,477,744.00 1.66%
Freddie Mac Seasoned Loan Structured Transaction Trust, Series 2019-1, Class A1, 3.50% 2029 Fixed Income 109,514,624 $119,192,212.00 1.64%
All Holdings: 1 - 15 of 575

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