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Total Return Fixed Income


302 Total Holdings:
As of 9/30/19
All Holdings: 1 - 15 of 302
Security Name Asset Type Shares or
Principal Amount
Market Value Percent of
Net Assets
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Brazil (Federative Republic of) 10.00% 2025 Fixed Income 124,648 $34,399,095.00 4.03%
South Africa (Republic of), Series R-2048, 8.75% 2048 Fixed Income 337,360,000 $19,705,143.00 2.31%
Russian Federation 7.00% 2023 Fixed Income 1,142,990,000 $17,848,127.00 2.09%
Malaysia (Federation of), Series 0418, 4.893% 2038 Fixed Income 63,800,000 $17,628,548.00 2.07%
India (Republic of) 8.24% 2027 Fixed Income 954,100,000 $14,547,505.00 1.71%
China (People's Republic of), Series 1910, 3.86% 2049 Fixed Income 94,820,000 $13,540,316.00 1.59%
United Mexican States, Series M20, 8.50% 2029 Fixed Income 2,310,000 $13,040,134.00 1.53%
Russian Federation 8.15% 2027 Fixed Income 779,690,000 $12,947,627.00 1.52%
Indonesia (Republic of), Series 65, 6.625% 2033 Fixed Income 190,830,000,000 $12,276,170.00 1.44%
Turkey (Republic of) 10.70% 2021 Fixed Income 71,200,000 $12,223,907.00 1.43%
Colombia (Republic of), Series B, 6.25% 2025 Fixed Income 34,521,400,000 $10,365,298.00 1.22%
South Africa (Republic of), Series R-214, 6.50% 2041 Fixed Income 223,495,000 $10,383,774.00 1.22%
Petróleos Mexicanos 7.47% 2026 Fixed Income 2,378,700 $10,064,936.00 1.18%
Russian Federation 4.375% 2029 Fixed Income 9,400,000 $10,073,811.00 1.18%
Indonesia (Republic of), Series 64, 6.125% 2028 Fixed Income 145,446,000,000 $9,512,650.00 1.12%
All Holdings: 1 - 15 of 302

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