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Populism hit the headlines when the UK voted to leave the European Union, casting a shadow over many political events since then. Find out what could be in store for Europe and what this means for investors.


The following article appeared in the Financial Times recently. Through a discussion with Capital Group CEO, Tim Armour, it provides a profile of Capital Group and highlights our growing voice in the passive investing debate.

Ric Torres, portfolio manager for Capital Group’s Emerging Markets Total Opportunities (ETOP) strategy, shares his outlook on emerging markets and presents his investment views.  

Investment Insights

Big Funds and Their Critics July 2017


Large funds often fail to deliver big returns. True or false? Investment director David Polak puts things in perspective.

A moderate improvement in economic fundamentals was a key theme in Capital Group’s Portfolio Strategy Group Forum. But our fixed income group thinks that the above-trend growth may not be sustainable. Find out why.

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