JANUARY 6, 2021

Today's events at the U.S. Capitol

Fellow CG associates,

The civil unrest on display today at the U.S. Capitol has no place in our democratic society, regardless of our political and ideological divisions. In this moment, we are reminded of the value we place at Capital on a culture in which we treat one another with respect, even when confronted by opposing viewpoints.   

Our first concern today is for our associates and their loved ones. To our colleagues who live in the D.C. area or in other cities where protests are underway, please do what you must to remain safe and let your manager or HR business partner know if there’s anything you need. 

To all associates, we thank you for striving each day to make Capital a place where people with different perspectives can engage in productive and polite discourse. Each of us has the opportunity to model this both within and outside of our organization. 

We wish you good health and safety in the New Year.

The Capital Group Management Committee
Tim Armour, Canise Arredondo, Noriko Chen, Mike Gitlin, Jody Jonsson, Rob Klausner, Rob Lovelace, Matt O’Connor, Caroline Randall and Martin Romo