September 28, 2023

Capital Group Unveils Five New Active ETFs, Including Its First Multi-Asset

Expanding its ETF suite to 14 since its 2022 debut, the new offerings can serve as core building blocks for investment portfolios

LOS ANGELES, September 28, 2023 – Capital Group launched five active exchange-traded funds (ETFs) today on the New York Stock Exchange. This compelling lineup includes its first-ever multi-asset ETF, along with two fixed income and two equity ETFs, significantly augmenting Capital Group's existing selection of active ETFs to a total of 14.

Scott Davis, head of ETFs for Capital Group, remarked, "With a robust roster of over 10,000 financial professionals using Capital Group's active ETFs, we've seen success by bringing to market ETFs that are deliberately built to solve a proven client need. We’re also bringing our long-standing experience in asset allocation, helping financial professionals craft durable portfolios for their clients. Our new multi-asset ETF, Capital Group Core Balanced ETF, is a good example of both these factors.”

Davis continues, “Looking ahead, we see increasing demand for fixed income ETFs in particular, as the Federal Reserve appears to be nearing the conclusion of its interest rate cycle, and we anticipate an influx of historic cash flows into active fixed income services. As a firm, I believe Capital Group is well-positioned, as financial professionals increasingly recognize the value of transparent, active fixed income ETFs in fortifying their clients' core portfolios."

Capital Group has led in year-to-date flows, amassing $12.4B, which includes an array of vehicles such as mutual funds, ETFs, and actively managed portfolios.

The five new strategies and objectives include:

  • Capital Group Core Balanced ETF (CGBL): Provide a balanced approach to total return (including income and capital gains) that is consistent with preservation of capital over the long term
  • Capital Group Core Bond ETF (CGCB): Provide as high a level of current income as is consistent with the preservation of capital
  • Capital Group Short Duration Municipal Income ETF (CGSM): Provide current income exempt from regular federal income tax, consistent with a short duration profile as described in the prospectus and with the preservation of capital
  • Capital Group Dividend Growers ETF (CGDG): Provide long-term total returns
  • Capital Group International Equity ETF (CGIE): Provide prudent growth of capital and conservation of principal

Added Davis, “We’re leveraging our existing ETF and investment infrastructure and building on the momentum with these five new ETFs that will bring Capital Group’s existing investment capabilities to new audiences by delivering them in the ETF vehicle, providing a broader range of investment objectives and asset allocation exposures. “

Capital Group's existing collection of nine ETFs, launched in late February and October of the previous year, has surpassed $12 billion* in assets under management.

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*As of August 31, 2023

According to Morningstar as of August 31, 2023  

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