Investing in the Capital Group Fund (UK OEIC)

Capital group is developing a range of UK-domiciled funds within an OEIC structure, complementing our long-established Luxembourg SICAV range. Information on the differences between our OEICs and SICAVs can be found here: OEIC vs SICAV. 

Available across UK platforms

We have worked closely with the UK’s leading fund platforms to provide advisers with access to funds within this OEIC range, with appropriate share classes to suit your clients’ needs. Our representation across fund platforms continues to expand, but if you are unable to access Capital Group OEIC funds please contact our Financial Intermediary Team.

Most of our intermediary clients prefer to access Capital Group funds through fund platforms. If you would prefer to set up a direct distribution agreement, please contact our Financial Intermediary Team. Please note that terms and conditions will apply, including minimum allowable investment sums.


Financial Intermediary Team contact details:​

Telephone: 0207 864 5500 [Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm] ​



Administration enquiries: ​

If you have any administration questions please contact our client services team:

Telephone: 0370 7070073 between [Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm]



Alternatively you can write to us at: ​

Capital Group,

PO Box 13115, 


CM99 2FZ

Funds are normally valued each working day, Monday to Friday at 9:00pm UK time; funds are not valued on non-dealing days. Our calendar of non-dealing days is available here


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