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Multi-asset investments at Capital Group

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To many, multi-asset investment may simply mean gaining exposure to a diverse mix of asset classes in one single portfolio. However, at Capital Group, multi-asset investment is much more than just a well-diversified portfolio. By offering you our best-in-class research capability and investment expertise, we are dedicated to providing you a smooth investment journey and robust risk-adjusted results over the long term.

Double layers of diversification

At Capital Group, diversification is not only achieved by blending different asset classes together but is also enhanced by the diversity embedded in our distinctive Capital SystemTM.

Extensive research capability

The extensive scale and scope of our proprietary, collaborative research, built over more than 90 years, enables us to uncover compelling investment opportunities among different asset classes for our clients.

Long-term investment success

Capital Group takes a long-term perspective to align our goals with the interests of clients, which allows us to produce consistently competitive returns for our multi-asset investments.


Double layers of diversification

The Capital SystemTM - The power of diversity
Our multi-asset portfolios are not only invested flexibly across different asset classes, but they are also divided into segments that are managed independently by individual managers via The Capital SystemTM . This time-tested approach does not only offer double layers of diversification but is also designed to attain management continuity and consistent long-term returns for our investors.

The first layer of diversification through dynamic asset allocation

The second layer of diversification through The Capital SystemTM

Segment sizes and the graphic shown are for illustrative purposes only and are not representative of actual portfolio holdings.


“The firm's multimanager system drives its success. Dividing each fund into independently run sleeves lets managers invest in line with their styles, enhancing diversification and reducing the overall portfolio's volatility.”


— Morningstar’s “The Best Fund Companies and their Ratings,” dated 28 January 2020


Extensive research capability

Few firms can match our scale and scope
We have an extensive global research team of over 468 investment professionals in 11 research offices around the world, covering both equity and fixed income.

Collaborative research
Our equity and fixed-income analysts work closely together, pooling research. The blending of the diverse perspectives of these two groups of analysts has enabled us to see ‘both sides of the balance sheet’. Such a process has the potential to deliver compelling investment ideas and gives our portfolio managers a broader, deeper understanding of risk.
“When I meet and research companies, I am looking at everything from both a bond and equity perspective.”

Patricio Ciarfaglia
Portfolio manager



US$431.0 billion3

in multi-asset strategies


Started managing multi-asset strategies


Capital Group investment professionals

27 years

average investment experience of our portfolio managers
Our experience in multi-asset investing dates back more than 45 years when we introduced our first multi-asset mandate in 1973. Since then, we have grown globally and now manage over US$431.0 billion3 in multi-asset investments.



Long-term investment success

Focused on delivering superior, consistent results for long-term investors
The combination of our distinctive Capital SystemTM, our integrated research approach, as well as our extensive scale and scope, has been the cornerstone of the consistent, long-term success of our multi-asset strategies.

Strategies available in our Luxembourg fund range

Past results are not a guarantee of future results. Invested capital is at risk; these strategies aim to achieve a positive return over the long term although there is no guarantee this will be achieved over that or any time period. For illustrative purposes only.

Results are net of management fees and expenses for a representative Luxembourg fund share class (Z). Peer group is defined as the Morningstar category for each strategy. Return statistic is the percentage of Capital Group Luxembourg funds, or strategies where there is an insufficient track record for the analysis, in which the average annual total return exceeded the peer group median. Capital Group strategies in the three-year period: 3 multi-asset; five-year period: 3 multi-asset; and in the eight-year period: 3 multi-asset. In the case of investors investing with the help of a distributor or intermediary, Class Z shares would only apply to distributors and intermediaries who are directly compensated by investors through separate fee arrangements. Source: Morningstar


“An investment culture marked by lengthy tenures, strong manager fund ownership, and competitive long-term records.”


— Morningstar’s “Morningstar Global Fund Report”, dated 29 May 2020


Access the best-in-class multi-asset funds that meet your investment needs

Explore our multi-asset funds in focus

Capital Group American Balanced Fund (LUX)

A US multi-asset fund that is designed to pursue long-term growth and conserving capital


Capital Group Capital Income Builder Fund (LUX)

A lower risk solution to capture equity growth potential while maintaining a reliable income stream


Capital Group Emerging Markets Total Opportunities Fund (LUX)

An unconstrained multi-asset fund that is designed to capture emerging market equity-like returns with lower volatility


Capital Group Global Allocation Fund (LUX)

A simple global multi-asset fund that invests in liquid, high-quality equities and fixed income securities with low correlations


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Past results are not a guarantee of future results.

Statements attributed to an individual represent the opinions of that individual as of the date published and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Capital Group or its affiliates.

Capital Group manages equity assets through three investment groups. These groups make investment and proxy voting decisions independently. Fixed income investment professionals provide fixed income research and investment management across the Capital organisation; however, for securities with equity characteristics, they act solely on behalf of one of the three equity investment groups. Assets under management totals may not reconcile due to rounding. Fixed income assets managed by Capital Fixed Income Investors

All data as at 30 September 2022 and attributed to Capital Group (unless otherwise stated).

  1. Mumbai: Capital Group International, Inc (CGII) only. São Paulo: a private equity office.
  2. Macroeconomic analysts shown have responsibilities across all asset classes. Number of macroeconomic analysts excludes 7 China industry specialists.
  3. Represents a proportion of the total equity and fixed income assets

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