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The Capital Advantage

Since 1931, Capital Group has been singularly focused on delivering superior, consistent results for long-term investors using high-conviction portfolios, rigorous research and individual accountability.

Aligned with investor success

We base our decisions on a long-term perspective, which we believe aligns our goals with the interests of our clients. Achieving superior, long-term returns is our only goal, so managers are rewarded for their results, not the level of assets they manage. Collectively, Capital Group associates are significant investors in the company’s investment offerings.

The Capital SystemTM

Our investment process, The Capital SystemTM, is designed to enable individual investment professionals to act on their highest convictions, while limiting the risk associated with isolated decision making. Each portfolio is divided into portions that are managed independently by investment professionals with diverse backgrounds, ages and investment approaches. A disciplined, multi- layered governance structure oversees the system’s operation.

Built to last

As a private firm with an independent charter and robust balance sheet1, we invest in improving our capabilities through good markets and bad. We have experienced investment professionals and a commitment to sustaining our investment process over generations.


1 The balance sheet shows the financial status of an organisation at a particular instant in time – normally at the end of a reporting period such as a financial year, half-year or quarter.