Transactions & account forms

Investors must open an account with our funds prior to first investing. Account Opening Forms must be used for this purpose, and are available from Capital Group's Investor Services Team or Distributors upon request.

An Account Opening Form is valid only when accompanied by a complete set of appropriate investor identification documents.

How do I subscribe or redeem?

Subscription or redemption requests are accepted by mail or by fax (subject to agreement of a fax indemnity), but not by email.

By mail

Capital Group Investor Services Team
PO Box 167
6C, route de Trèves
L-2633 Senningerberg

Requests received in good order by 1pm CET transact at the net asset value (NAV) determined on the same day. Instructions received after the relevant cut-off time will be carried over to the following valuation date. Distributors may apply earlier cut-offs to their clients. The funds may defer certain large transactions, or refuse certain subscriptions, as specified in the relevant prospectus.

Contract notes are sent by fax or mail from Luxembourg after the NAV is struck.

The Transaction Request form, Account Maintenance form and Operating Memorandum are available for download below.

For any questions on the above process please call 00800 243 38637 toll free in the EU and Switzerland, or +352 46 26 85 611.