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Our Value Add: Partnership

When we invest in a company, we make a commitment to its long-term success. We seek active participation on the board of directors of our investee companies, and work to provide global insights, including advising on international best practices and enhancing the company’s access to capital markets.


Our team believes that the key to investment success is backing strong management teams. Across our portfolio, we support management needs including recruitment, organizational planning and training and development, as well as offer strategic guidance on expansion, acquisitions, and repositioning.


We participate actively in the corporate governance of our portfolio companies, advising on the formation of new committees and improving reporting to the board. Our ability to share international best practices on processes, controls and planning is shaped by our depth of experience investing across many markets and sectors. By working with investee companies to improve and formalize corporate governance, our investee companies are well positioned for growth and, where appropriate, for potential future local or global IPOs.



We have a long track record of working with our investee companies to bring them to local or international listings. Capital Group, collectively investing more in international listed stocks than any other fund manager, is a deep resource for informed expertise and insights on the global equities market. We work frequently with our investee companies to support IPO processes and other capital infusions such as debt refinancing, utilizing the experience of our team and the broader experience of Capital Group as a leading global investment management firm.

Additionally, our experience in bringing investee companies to a global or regional scale through strategic mergers, acquisitions and expansion is one of the many reasons emerging markets companies decide to work with Capital Group Private Markets. Our team brings a unique global perspective to the process of identifying, sourcing, and executing transactions.