Our approach

Using public market knowledge to drive private market returns

At Capital Group Private Markets, we create a diversified portfolio of the most compelling risk-adjusted investment opportunities across global emerging markets.


Global emerging markets strategy

Our experience as a leading global emerging markets private equity fund manager for over 20 years has taught us to avoid single country strategies in emerging markets, which from time-to-time experience volatility or become overcrowded.


By taking a global approach, we can minimize the risks associated with a downturn or overheating in a single market or region through real-time opportunistic country selection and no “must do” countries. 



Market leading franchises

We seek to back established, expansion-stage companies and leading franchises across emerging markets. We invest in companies that are locally dominant, or have potential for local or global market leadership, and possess proven, strong, and professional local management teams.



Working in partnership

We primarily seek influential minority positions with management rights, as well as control positions for select investments. We work in close, long-term partnership with investee company management to grow their businesses and provide a unique global perspective on the opportunities and challenges they face.