Sustainable strategies

Sustainability meets opportunity

The Capital Group Sustainable Funds are not registered for sale in Hong Kong.*

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The Funds are not authorised in Hong Kong. The information is provided for reference only. It must not be circulated outside of your organisation or passed on to any third parties.

*The Capital Group Sustainable Funds are not approved or recognised as ESG funds in Hong Kong. The funds have adopted Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) requirements since their launch on 27 February 2024. The SFDR classification is related to the European Union’s regulation and is not equivalent to approval or recognition as an ESG fund by regulators in Asia-Pacific.


Professional investors in Hong Kong should read carefully the Hong Kong Supplement and the accompanying Prospectus (“Hong Kong Private Offering Document”) before making an investment decision. This material and the Hong Kong Private Offering Document have not been reviewed by any regulatory authority in Hong Kong. You are advised to exercise caution in relation to the offer. If you are in doubt about the contents of this material and/or the Hong Kong Private Offering Document, you should obtain independent professional advice.​

Participating Shares may not be offered or sold in Hong Kong by means of this Placing Memorandum or any other document other than to persons who are “professional investors” as defined in the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Ordinance (“SFO”) and rules made thereunder or in circumstances which do not constitute an offer to the public for the purposes of the SFO or any other applicable legislation in Hong Kong.

All information as at 31 December 2023 and attributed to Capital Group, unless otherwise specified. Some information may have been obtained from third parties, and as such the reliability of that information is not guaranteed.

Any statements attributed to an individual represent the opinions of that individual as of the date published and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Capital Group or its affiliates. 

Risk factors you should consider before investing:

  • This material is not intended to provide investment advice or be considered a personal recommendation.
  • The value of investments and income from them can go down as well as up and you may lose some or all of your initial investment.
  • Past results are not a guide to future results.
  • If the currency in which you invest strengthens against the currency in which the underlying investments of the fund are made, the value of your investment will decrease. Currency hedging seeks to limit this, but there is no guarantee that hedging will be totally successful.
  • The Prospectus – together with any locally-required offering documentation – set out risks, which, depending on the fund, may include risks associated with investing in fixed income, derivatives, emerging markets, and/or high-yield securities; emerging markets are volatile and may suffer from liquidity problems.
  • Some funds may invest in financial derivative instruments for investment purposes, hedging and/or efficient portfolio management.