Introducing a brand new suite of training, built to support your business goals.

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Welcome to Capital Learning

Discover the suite of training we created with you and your team's needs in mind. This new range of face-to-face and virtual classes is built across three key training pillars, all key to growing your team's skills and your business.

Investment concepts


Courses to guide your client conversations on concepts that affect their assets.


Investment trends


Topical courses on long-term investment trends, built on Capital Group's global fundamental research.


Practice management


Pragmatic courses to elevate your business methods and your communications.


Discover the programmes over 22,000 clients have benefited from1

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We started our training and education programmes back in 19472.

Our ongoing efforts to keep these relevant and valuable saw us voted one of the top providers of value-add sales support by financial advisers in 20213.

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  1. Data as at 31 December 2021. Source: Capital Group
  2. In 1947 Ward Bishop established what was to become American Funds Distributors. American Funds are not registered for sale outside of the United States. Source: Capital Group
  3. Cogent Wealth Report – 2021 Advisor Brandscape. Page 90

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