Complaints handling process

At Capital Group we aim to help people reach their financial goals by providing them with superior client services. We accept that complaints provide an opportunity to reassess certain processes and adapt or improve them to obtain an increased level of client satisfaction. Therefore, we have a complaints’ handling policy in place to ensure all clients’ complaints are handled in a proper manner and are afforded the correct level of attention. For purposes of this process, a “client” is defined as an investor that receives discretionary portfolio management services or investment advice from Capital Group or a shareholder in a Capital Group Luxembourg registered fund (SICAV).

If you have a complaint

We will acknowledge every complaint made by a client in writing within a period which shall not exceed 10 business days after our receipt of the complaint.

We will answer the complainant, in writing, telephone call or in person, without undue delay, in a period which shall not exceed two months of the filing of the claim.

Suspected Fraudulent Activity

Please be aware that Capital Group and our related entities will never ask you to provide personal or sensitive information via email. Please do not respond to, or interact with, phone calls, text, letters, social media, or email messages claiming to be from Capital Group that seem suspicious or unfamiliar. If you suspect fraudulent activity, please forward the information to us at

Contact us

All communications should be addressed to the Complaints Manager at:



Capital International Management Company S.àr.l.,
37A, avenue John F. Kennedy,
L-1855 Luxembourg

The processing shall commence by means of the submitting of a document, containing the following information:

  • Name, last name (or registered office) and address of the Client and, if applicable, of their representative, duly certified; and the National Identity Card number, passport or Spanish Tax Number for non-residents or the data from the corresponding public registry;
  • Reason for the complaint, clearly specifying the issues on which a decision is requested;
  • Office, department or service where the events subject of the complaint took place;
  • That to the Claimant’s knowledge, the matter which is the subject of the complaint is not subject to administrative or legal proceedings or arbitration;
  • Copies of any supporting evidence (documents, correspondence) and;
  • Place, date and signature.

In the event you find the response unsatisfactory, or you have not received a response within two months, you are entitled to use The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) complaints service, in accordance with Order ECO/734/2004.

A complaints form can be submitted through one of the following means:




28006 Madrid