How to invest in a Capital Group Luxembourg fund
or a Capital Group Open-Ended Investment Company (OEIC)

To invest in our Capital International Fund (Luxembourg SICAV) or our Capital Group Fund (UK OEIC), there are two options available to you

Before making an investment, we suggest that you read the below materials:

  • The locally required offering documentation for the fund in which you wish to invest
  • The Supplementary Information Document (SID) for the fund range

The locally required offering documentation and SID are available to view on our website under the Fund Centre’s Resources section, or through your chosen provider.

If relevant:

  • Any documentation that may be required by your financial adviser or investment platform to facilitate account opening and investment in our funds.

Option 1: Invest through a financial adviser

If you have a financial adviser, you can contact them to invest in any of our funds.

If you need to find an independent financial adviser, these organisations can help you:

If you need to check if a financial adviser you find is an authorised / accredited member of the Personal Finance Society (PFS), these organisations can help you:

Option 2: Invest through an investment platform

If you are investing based on your own decisions, various investment platforms* offer an online service which put you in control, allowing you to make and manage your own investments. For information about additional investment options which cannot be answered by your platform or intermediary please contact us at

*An Investment platform is an online service that allows you to buy, sell and hold investment funds. Your account is usually managed online, although some offer a phone service.

Capital Group is committed to delivering high standards of service. We recognise, however, that there may be circumstances where you feel the need to complain. To find out more about how to complain and how we support you through the process, follow the links below to download the documents in PDF format: