Portfolios to reflect the many sides of your clients. 

Can I build portfolios that complement the many sides of my offshore clients? With a portfolio consultation from Capital Group, I can.

A tailored approach for your offshore clients

A personal consultation with a dedicated offshore portfolio specialist can offer customized and objective suggestions to help add value to your offshore clients’ portfolios.

Personal consultation

Speak with one of our portfolio specialists to help you address your clients’ specific investment needs and goals.

Portfolio analysis

Personalized suggestions on how to refine your investment approach to help clients achieve their varied goals.

Ongoing engagement

Access to our latest research and insights to keep you informed, along with further consultation for your clients’ portfolio needs.

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Capital Group’s Portfolio Consulting and Analytics Team consults advisors on thousands of client portfolios each year.

Ready to get started? Contact your wholesaler to schedule a consultation with a dedicated offshore portfolio specialist.

Portfolio construction concepts

Looking to meet the distinct needs of your offshore clients?

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