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Featuring Claudia Huntington

As portfolio manager Claudia Huntington prepares to turn the page on a storied 47-year career at Capital Group, we couldn’t help but request one final interview. Here she shares her top three lessons for young investors, why she loves small-cap growth companies and more.

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Featuring Nathan Meyer

Capital Group equity analyst Nathan Meyer discusses the rapid growth of the video game industry amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In the stay-at-home era, new gamers are entering the market and existing gamers are spending more time than ever playing console, PC and mobile games. Meyer explains why that’s welcome news for investors.

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Featuring Mark Marinella & Chad Rach

The year 2020 has been uncharacteristically eventful for the municipal bond market, which has seen multiple shifts in direction in just a few short months. We check in with resident muni portfolio managers Chad Rach and Mark Marinella for a recap of the volatile year to date; a status report on muni mainstays such as airports, toll roads and hospitals in the midst of the pandemic; and a glimpse at what muni bond investors might expect for the second half of the year.

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Featuring Brad Barrett, Cheryl Frank & Chris Thomsen

Bring your crystal ball as we look to the future for trends that can shape tomorrow’s investment landscape. You’ll get insights on emerging technology, biotech breakthroughs and personalized medicine, alternative energy and more. To view the webinar or attend future webinar events, visit

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10 investment themes for the next 10 years slides (PDF)

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Featuring Zachary Carter

Author Zachary Carter discusses the themes behind his new book — “The Price of Peace: Money, Democracy, and the Life of John Maynard Keynes.”  As one of the most important thinkers of the 20th century, Keynes continues to have broad influence over policymakers around the world, particularly in the aftermath of the 2008–09 financial crisis and the coronavirus outbreak.

Featuring Lord John Browne

Engineers may not get the love they deserve, says author Lord John Browne, best known for his transformative tenure as CEO of energy giant BP. In this conversation recorded shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic, Browne explores themes from his latest book, “Make, Think, Imagine: Engineering the Future of Civilization,” chief of which is the critical role engineering has played at the intersection of art and commerce. This reminder of engineering’s ability to meet the world’s challenges and forge a path to progress should strike an optimistic chord for investors and society.

Featuring Carl Kawaja

 Capital Group portfolio manager Carl Kawaja discusses the outlook for global equity markets in the COVID-19 era. In a wide-ranging interview, Carl offers his view of the remarkable stock market rally since late March, as well as the challenges and opportunities facing investors amid unprecedented levels of market and economic uncertainty.

Capital Group investment professionals discuss the outlook for markets and the economy. We’ll conclude with implications for your portfolio allocations for the second half of 2020. To view the webinar or attend future webinar events, visit

2020 Midyear Outlook slides (PDF) 

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It’s time to look to the future with two veteran equity managers — one U.S., one international — as they offer their views on the path to recovery for the global economy and world markets. Join us for a healthy dose of optimism and long-term perspective. To view the webinar or attend future webinar events, visit

Guide to market recoveries webinar slides (PDF) 

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New research offers surprising insights into millennial, Gen X and boomer investors and how they are responding to the crisis. We track changing attitudes and behaviors, and strategize how to help each generation come out of this downturn positioned for long-term success.

Coronavirus response by generation webinar slides [PDF] 

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With rates near zero, where can income-seeking investors turn for higher yield without taking on too much credit risk? Veteran bond managers Damien McCann and Scott Sykes are here to help you navigate credit markets in a post-crisis world. 


Seeking higher income in a low-rate world webinar slides [PDF] 


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Join us for a stock and bond outlook with two veteran investment professionals, equity portfolio manager Martin Romo and head of fixed income Mike Gitlin. Martin and Mike share lessons learned from past declines and how they think about positioning portfolios for an eventual recovery.


Equity and fixed income outlook webinar slides (PDF)

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Featuring Craig Beacock, Mark Casey & Craig Gordon

From the oil shock to the development of COVID treatments, we‘ll go deep on key industries and sectors to find out how they may fare through the crisis — and which may emerge in even better shape when a recovery begins. Available for one hour of CE credit for CFP* and CIMA designations. Take the CE credit quiz.  

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Featuring Rob Lovelace

Rob Lovelace brings his 35 years of experience as he shares his perspective on managing through challenging markets, as well as what Capital Group is doing to shepherd client assets. To view the webinar or attend future webinar events, visit

Featuring Reagan Anderson, Robert Lind & Darrell Spence

Two economists discuss how the historic stimulus package could impact the economic outlook; what it means for key industries, companies and consumers; and what else the U.S. Federal Reserve and European Central Bank can do to support markets. Plus, a member of our Government Relations team details how new regulations may affect investors. To view the webinar or attend future webinar events, visit

Featuring Joyce Gordon & Jody Jonsson

How should investors navigate equity markets during this period of coronavirus-induced volatility? Which sectors will be hardest hit? And is this a buying opportunity for long-term investors? Veteran equity portfolio managers Jody Jonsson and Joyce Gordon, whose experience spans multiple market declines, offer their perspective. To watch the webinar or attend future webinar events, visit

Featuring Pramod Atluri, Jared Franz & Rob Lovelace

The coronavirus pandemic and coinciding market decline have left investors grasping for answers. We visit with U.S. economist Jared Franz and fixed income portfolio manager Pramod Atluri to discuss the likely course of the inevitable recession, what the Fed and other central banks must do stem the tide and what the investment world could look like on the other side of “the valley.” Includes a special message from Capital Group vice chairman Rob Lovelace. To view the webinar or attend future webinar events, visit

Featuring Mervyn King

How do leaders make important decisions when the stakes are high, the data is flawed and the outcome is unknowable? Often badly — in part, because they rely on bogus quantification instead of seasoned judgement. That’s one of the themes outlined in a new book by former Bank of England governor Mervyn King and economist John Kay. In this podcast, we explore that perplexing issue at the heart of their newly released book, Radical Uncertainty: Decision-Making Beyond the Numbers.

Featuring Stephen Green

The outbreak of the coronavirus and concerns about what its rapid spread could mean for global markets and economies have prompted this special episode of Capital Ideas. Hong Kong-based economist Stephen Green discusses the supply-chain disruptions already taking shape, which sectors stand to lose — or gain — from the crisis and how soon “business as usual” might be expected to return to China and global economies.

Featuring Matt Miller

Host Matt Miller takes us on a tour of outstanding moments from recent Capital Ideas podcast episodes, including excerpts from conversations about oil rigs, Teslas, long-term opportunities in Asia and more.

Featuring Brad Barrett

The proliferation of video streaming services has been the most conspicuous change of late in Hollywood’s evolving competition for the consumer dollar. Investment analyst Brad Barrett, who has covered media for 19 years, details what differentiates the key players, how the battle lines are being drawn and what’s at stake for investors. 

Featuring Jacinto Hernandez

Today’s global oil industry is experiencing a period of disruption, says investment analyst Jacinto Hernandez. From the technological (the shale revolution) to the geopolitical (rising Middle East tensions) to the environmental (ESG concerns), Hernandez breaks down the forces shaping his outlook and draws from his 19 years covering energy to consider the implications for investors.

Featuring Talha Khan & Robert Lind

After three years of political wrangling in the U.K., Brexit finally appears to be moving forward. As the U.K. prepares to leave the European Union, Capital Group economist Robert Lind and political economist Talha Khan share their views on what’s coming next and how it might affect European trade and economic growth in the years ahead.

Featuring Rob Lovelace, Darrell Spence & Margaret Steinbach

Portfolio manager Rob Lovelace, economist Darrell Spence and fixed income investment director Margaret Steinbach share their thoughts on global equities, economies and fixed income as they look ahead to 2020.

Featuring Jessica Spaly

Yes, e-commerce titan Amazon continues to disrupt the business of traditional retailers, but some are finding innovative ways to survive and thrive in the highly competitive U.S. retail landscape. Capital Group retail analyst Jessica Spaly discusses her long-term outlook for the sector amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season.

Featuring David Polack

After a decade of dominance by U.S. stocks, are there still compelling reasons to invest outside the United States? Absolutely, says Capital Group investment director David Polak. Here he lays out his argument for why investors shouldn’t abandon international equities. 


Featuring Mark Marinella & Karl Zeile

Fixed income portfolio managers Mark Marinella and Karl Zeile discuss the outlook for U.S. municipal bonds in light of sweeping federal tax changes. They offer their views on whether muni bonds are still attractive under the new tax regime, as well as the importance of fundamental research in a credit-driven market.

Featuring Robert Shiller

The title of Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller’s latest book, “Narrative Economics,” is telling — literally. It spotlights stories people have told one another throughout recorded history that reflect and, Shiller argues, often shape their economic circumstances. Here he discusses the most enduring and relevant of these narratives and suggests how their implications could help shape the future of both academics and policymaking.

Featuring Kent Chan & Winnie Kwan

Portfolio manager Winnie Kwan and investment director Kent Chan explore the long-term investment outlook for China. Amid a damaging trade war and political unrest in Hong Kong, they see the world’s second largest economy as a classic stock picker’s market — presenting select opportunities for patient investors.

Featuring Brad Vogt & Wesley Phoa

When financial advisors have their hands full with the expanding needs of their clients, portfolio construction may not get the attention it deserves. That’s why they’re increasingly turning to asset managers for help. Two veteran portfolio managers who oversee Capital Group’s fund-of-funds solutions, Brad Vogt and Wesley Phoa, share their views on this important industry trend.

Featuring Steve Deschenes

Retirement plan sponsors concerned about participant outcomes, take note. Capital Group's Steve Deschenes is here with a checklist for selecting superior investment managers. A research and development director with 26 years of experience, Deschenes shares his research into the factors sponsors should consider in their manager-selection process.

Featuring Frank Beaudry

Iron ore, copper, gold, nickel. Extracting these metals from the earth is a tough, capital-intensive business. Equity investment analyst Frank Beaudry makes it his business to know what the world’s mining companies are doing to succeed on behalf of investors. Listen as Beaudry sheds light on this sometimes dangerous industry, as well as the other sector he covers: European utilities.

Featuring Carl Frey

What happens when technological innovation, instead of helping people, displaces them? That’s been a vexing question throughout history and it remains so today. In this podcast, we address the issue with Dr. Carl Benedikt Frey, author of The Technology Trap: Capital, Labor, and Power in the Age of Automation.

Featuring Mike Van Wyk

Here’s a news flash for financial advisors who think their clients are telling them everything: There’s a good chance they aren’t. In fact, they are probably keeping some big secrets that could jeopardize their long-term investment returns. In this podcast, Capital Group’s head of consumer research, Mike Van Wyk, reveals what these investors might be hiding and suggests steps advisors can take to strengthen their client relationships.

Featuring Parag Khanna

Long-term international investors who focus primarily on China may be missing the bigger picture. In his latest book, The Future Is Asian, global strategy advisor and author Parag Khanna argues that a “fourth wave” of Asian growth — essentially the rest of Asia — is hiding in plain sight. Here Khanna discusses common Western misperceptions of Asia’s economic place in the world and offers eye-opening statistics that could lead many of us to rethink our investment assumptions.

Featuring Alan Wilson

Portfolio manager Alan Wilson trained at MIT to be a civil engineer. Turns out, those skills transfer nicely to the stock market — building strong portfolios instead of towering skyscrapers. In this podcast, Wilson discusses his outlook for U.S. equities and his thoughts on investing in an aging bull market.

Featuring Jody Jonsson, Mike Gitlin & Darrell Spence

Portfolio manager Jody Jonsson, head of fixed income Mike Gitlin and economist Darrell Spence share their thoughts on global equities, fixed income and economies as they look ahead to the remainder of 2019 and beyond.

Featuring Mike Gitlin & Pramod Atluri

Given the uncertainty in today’s economic environment, investors should not be caught unaware of what’s in their bond portfolios. Enter Morningstar, whose recent split of the intermediate bond category should be welcome news for bond investors seeking greater transparency. Capital Group head of fixed income Mike Gitlin and portfolio manager Pramod Atluri explain.

Featuring Greg Johnson

Helping investors enjoy a comparatively smooth ride when markets are at their choppiest is a top priority for portfolio manager Greg Johnson, principal investment officer of American Balanced Fund®. Johnson shares his approach to maintaining a favorable balance between equities and fixed income in the fund today and reveals which out-of-favor sectors hold the most exciting opportunities for him.

Featuring Gerald Du Manoir

Capital Group portfolio manager Gerald Du Manoir talks about the importance of including international equities in a well-diversified portfolio, despite years of lagging index returns relative to U.S. markets. It’s not about investing in geographic regions, he explains, but specific company-by-company opportunities. 

Featuring Kaitlyn Murphy

The U.S. auto industry has seen its share of technological innovation through the decades, but perhaps none more dramatic than what lies just around the bend. Investment analyst Kaitlyn Murphy, a 14-year veteran of Capital Group, discusses the recent adoption of electric vehicles, the uneasy promise of autonomous cars and the challenge of investing in an industry mired in transition.

Featuring Isaac Sudit

Not only has the semiconductor played an essential role in the proliferation of technology over the past half century, but the companies that design and make microchips have had to adapt to the changing demands of a constantly evolving sector. Investment analyst Isaac Sudit offers insight into these companies as well as perspective on how semiconductors have changed our lives as consumers.

Featuring Adam Grant

Organizational psychologist and Wharton School of Business professor Adam Grant talks with Capital Group’s Matt Miller about the dynamics of success and productivity in the workplace. Might a six-hour workday help? Can procrastination actually be a good thing? Listen and find out.

Featuring Jared Franz, Darrell Spence & Joyce Gordon

The next recession — when it will hit, what will trigger it — is top of mind for many investors now that the U.S. expansion is entering its 10th year. Capital Group economists Jared Franz and Darrell Spence and equity portfolio manager Joyce Gordon take an in-depth look at recessions and offer their perspectives on what investors can do to prepare for the next one.

Featuring Ralph Haberli

Employer-sponsored 401(k)s and other defined contribution plans have become the foundation of the U.S. retirement system, but there's a $5 trillion savings gap that still needs to be addressed. In this episode, Ralph Haberli, head of the retirement business at Capital Group, suggests how 401(k) plans could do better for their participants.

Featuring Andrew Dougherty, Stephen Green & Steve Watson

Recorded in Hong Kong, this episode takes you behind the scenes for an in-depth look at China and the critical issues of growth, trade and geopolitics. Host Matt Miller dropped in on investment analyst Andrew Dougherty, economist Stephen Green and portfolio manager Steve Watson to get their perspectives on themes of vital importance to investors the world over.

Featuring Vantil Charles, Robert Lind & Caroline Randall

As the U.K. approaches a March 29 deadline to leave the European Union, Capital Group investment professionals discuss the market and economic implications of this seismic shift away from four decades of European integration. What does it mean for future economic growth, the political landscape and the long-term investment outlook for U.K. financial assets?

Featuring Brad Freer, Pramod Atluri &  Barry Crosthwaite

This episode features a revealing mix of perspectives from three Capital Group portfolio managers. Barry Crosthwaite examines the fundamentals of U.S. and Chinese markets to make sense of today's perplexing global economic cycle. Brad Freer looks beyond a recent rough spell for emerging markets equities to reveal long-term opportunities he’s finding there. And Pramod Atluri shares strategic moves that the fixed income group has made to stay ahead of U.S. monetary and fiscal policy.

Featuring Mark Brett

Capital Group portfolio manager Mark Brett discusses worldwide opportunities in the fixed income markets. As rising interest rates, global trade disputes and geopolitical conflicts keep investors on edge, Mark explains his approach to identifying untapped value and seeking to avoid excessive risks.

Featuring Rob Lovelace, John Smet & Jared Franz

Late 2018 has been an unsettling time for investors. In this episode, three seasoned investment professionals deliver Capital Group's 2019 Outlook, offering their perspectives on the global economy as well as equity and fixed income markets.

Featuring Rob Neithart

As rising U.S. interest rates reverberate around the world, Capital Group portfolio manager Rob Neithart discusses his outlook for the global bond market, including high-grade government bonds, corporate credit and emerging markets debt.

Featuring Natasha Braginsky Mounier

ESG (environmental, social, governance) investing has gone mainstream. But how can today’s investors separate the substance from the hype? Here to help sort it out is Capital Group’s ESG investment director Natasha Braginsky Mounier. She offers historical perspective on the growing movement and explains how Capital Group approaches — and has long approached — responsible investing.

Featuring Jared Franz

Capital Group economist Jared Franz discusses the rapid development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, including the relevant implications for investors. Can AI provide a meaningful boost to U.S. economic growth? Franz shares his view.

Featuring Alan Berro

While many investors wring their hands over a prolonged U.S. bull market — waiting for the other shoe to drop — portfolio manager Alan Berro bides his time. The fact that Berro doesn’t think the end of this expansion is imminent may be beside the point. Most of the high-flying, value-stretched growth stocks getting all the attention fall outside the purview of the growth-and-income and balanced funds he manages. A patient investor with a fondness for out-of-favor companies, Berro shares which sectors and industries hold his interest today and offers keen insight into the life of a professional investor.

Featuring David Polak

Capital Group investment director David Polak discusses the challenges facing global investors amid increasingly bitter trade disputes and a widening return gap between U.S. and non-U.S. stocks.

Featuring Noriko Chen

Emerging markets stocks have come under pressure amid slowing economic growth and a brewing trade war, but the full story is much more complex. As veteran portfolio manager Noriko Chen explains in this podcast, not all emerging markets are the same and the outlook for EM stocks is as varied as the countries themselves.

Featuring Greg Wendt

Small-capitalization stocks have been on a roll in 2018. Who better to offer his perspective on this development than portfolio manager/investment analyst Greg Wendt, who has spent his entire career researching and investing in small-cap companies? A 30-year veteran of Capital Group, Greg offers his thoughts on this underappreciated asset class and shares engaging stories of his encounters with well-known leaders from the business world as well as the political stage.

Featuring Jared Franz, Jeff Garcia & Shannon Ward

This episode features a diverse sampling of perspectives from three Capital Group investment professionals. Economist Jared Franz shares his outlook for the global economy. Equity investment analyst Jeff Garcia spotlights opportunities in today’s emerging markets, especially Latin America. And fixed income portfolio manager Shannon Ward discusses the high-yield bond market.

Featuring Edward Yardeni

Economist and investment strategist Ed Yardeni discusses his new book, Predicting the Markets: A Professional Autobiography, and offers his thoughts on why the nine-year-long bull market in U.S. equities can continue. Listen to hear his straightforward rationale.

Featuring Jim Lovelace

Capital Group portfolio manager Jim Lovelace discusses the importance of investing in conservative, dividend-paying stocks at a time when high-flying, growth-oriented stocks are commanding the spotlight. Jim offers his constructive view against a backdrop of rising U.S. interest rates and deteriorating global trade relations.

Featuring Mike Gitlin, Jody Jonsson & Darrell Spence

This episode features Capital Group’s 2018 Midyear Outlook. Three seasoned investment professionals offer a status report on the financial markets — both equity and fixed income — and the global economy at midyear.


Featuring Matt Miller

Whether you’re a regular listener or tuning in for the first time, this episode may be just your cup of tea. We’ve compiled the most memorable moments and astute investment insights from our impressive lineup of guests over the past year and a half.

Featuring Claudia Huntington

Capital Group portfolio manager Claudia Huntington reflects on a long career primarily dedicated to U.S. equity investing. In a wide-ranging interview, Huntington discusses her fundamental investment approach, lessons she learned along the way and her cautious outlook on the current equity-market environment.

Featuring Hod Lipson

What is artificial intelligence? Would we know it if we could see it? Professor and author Hod Lipson offers startling insight into the impact A.I. is already having on our lives and where it’s likely to lead us in the not-distant future. Should our worst fears about A.I. overshadow its potential upside? Humans of all stripes — and investors, in particular — will want to listen and find out.

Featuring Todd Saligman

Capital Group aerospace and defense analyst Todd Saligman discusses his positive outlook for the fast-growing commercial aircraft industry, the fierce competition between Airbus and Boeing and the favorable impact of sharply higher U.S. defense spending.

Featuring Matt Miller

In this episode, we turn the tables on host Matt Miller and pick his brain on a subject near and dear to his heart: the U.S. political scene. Shifting trade policy with China, upcoming midterm elections, regulatory probes into tech-company practices — as long as it’s happening on Capitol Hill (and relevant to Capital Group investors) nothing’s off the table.

Featuring Richie Tuazon

The return of inflation has rattled financial markets this year. As U.S. interest rates move higher, investors are looking for clues about how rising consumer prices may influence U.S. monetary policy. In this podcast, fixed income portfolio manager Ritchie Tuazon sheds some light on the issue by sharing his outlook for inflation and rates with Capital Group senior writer Dan Indiviglio.

Featuring Brad Barrett

Media analyst Brad Barrett has made a career of following the entertainment industry's traditional players (Disney, Fox, Time Warner) as well as its digital newcomers (Facebook, Google, Netflix). So, whether the topic is cable/satellite vs. online distribution, linear vs. streaming service or cord cutting vs. keeping cable, Barrett holds the remote.

Featuring Jens Sondergaard

Currency movements had a big impact on investment returns in 2017, especially as the U.S. dollar weakened throughout the year. Will that powerful trend continue? In this podcast, Capital Group currency analyst Jens Søndergaard offers his view on where the dollar may be headed in 2018, relative to the euro, the yen and other major currencies, as well as the key investment implications.

Featuring Jason Bortz

Capital Group senior counsel Jason Bortz has a lot of experience analyzing the U.S. tax code in his 20-plus years practicing law. In this podcast, Bortz digs into the specifics of 2018 tax reform and discusses what changes for investors, and what stays the same.

Featuring Steve Watson

Capital Group portfolio manager Steve Watson, a long-time investor in Chinese equities, shares his views on U.S.-China trade relations just as tensions appear to be boiling over. Will aggressive talk about import tariffs become a reality? And, if so, what are the investment implications? Watson sheds light on these pressing issues as the U.S. seeks to forge a new relationship with one of its biggest trading partners.

Featuring Meghan O'Sullivan

The U.S.’s recent surge in domestic oil and gas supply has profound implications for the longstanding geopolitical power structure. 

In her new book, Windfall: How the New Energy Abundance Upends Global Politics and Strengthens America's Power, Harvard International Affairs professor Meghan O’Sullivan details the ripple effect already at play across the globe, proving just how intertwined energy markets and foreign policy can be.

Featuring Mike Gitlin

In this conversation, Capital Group’s head of fixed income, Mike Gitlin, addresses the recent market volatility and its root causes. He also reveals what key roles fixed income should play in an investor’s portfolio and what it means to upgrade a portfolio’s bond funds to “true core.”

Featuring Tim Armour

Capital Group chairman and chief executive officer Tim Armour discusses the sudden return of volatility to the markets and provides helpful context for advisors and investors.

Featuring Michael Kitces

As an advisor and industry trendspotter, Michael Kitces and his Nerd’s Eye View blog are required reading for many financial advisors. In turn, Kitces devotes much of his time generating free content for the blog, which has become central to his strategy and to his other advisor-related businesses. In this podcast, Kitces discusses how content can pull in new business for advisors. He also gives practical tips for advisors to get started, even if they’re not comfortable writing. 

Featuring Carl Kawaja

Capital Group portfolio manager Carl Kawaja has spent three decades traveling the world to uncover compelling investment opportunities. In this podcast, Carl shares his optimistic outlook for non-U.S. equities and explains the key drivers to a sustained rally.

Featuring Will Craig

Featuring Today’s internet sector has many investors nervous, with the recent meteoric success of the FANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google/Alphabet) combined with high valuations and a prolonged bull market. Is this a replay of the 2000 “dot-bomb,” or do these stocks have room to run?

Investment analyst Will Craig acknowledges the prevailing tech industry angst but offers a long-term view of the internet that just might startle the skeptics.

Featuring Rob Lovelace, David Hoag & Darrell Spence

Capital Group’s annual Outlook is a widely anticipated watch/listen/read within the investment community. Listen to this 2018 podcast rendition and learn whether global equities are still attractive during this protracted bull market, how fixed income assets might react to rising interest rates and how the economic outlook is shaping up for developed and emerging markets.


Featuring Shaw Wagener

Capital Group portfolio manager Shaw Wagener has witnessed the remarkable evolution of emerging markets investing over a career spanning 30-plus years. In this podcast, Shaw discusses the unique challenges of investing in developing markets, the current drivers of EM returns and his thoughts on a bright future for the dynamic and rewarding asset class.

Featuring Anne-Marie Peterson

Given the explosive popularity of Amazon, some traditional retailers have resorted to introducing in-store “experiences” to lure shoppers through their doors. Others, meanwhile, rely on key competitive advantages to insulate themselves from retail’s biggest disruptor. And what does all this change mean for the great American shopping mall?

Here to make sense of the shifting landscape is investment analyst Anne-Marie Peterson, a 22-year industry observer of the U.S. retail scene. She discusses what today’s disruptive forces could mean for investors and even shares what’s on her shopping list this holiday season.

Featuring Heather Lord

Women in the U.S. control more than $11 trillion of investable assets. That’s no small constituency for financial advisors and asset managers. We’ll hear from Heather Lord, Capital Group’s head of strategy and innovation, about the growing clout of women investors, based on the findings from our Wisdom of Experience investor survey. And we’ll try to dispel a few myths along the way.

Featuring Andrew Lo

How financial markets work has long been the subject of debate between two academic camps: the efficient markets theorists and the behavioral economists. Into the breach stepped finance professor and author Andrew Lo, who joins Matt to discuss his efforts to bridge this ideological divide.

Instead of viewing financial markets as “a physical system like a mechanical clock,” says Lo, “we really need to look at it as an ecosystem with particular organic agents that are acting with each other.”

The implications of Lo’s work extend far beyond the ivory tower, to regular investors and society at large.

Featuring John Queen

With the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, Capital Group portfolio manager John Queen discusses his outlook for the U.S. bond market, short- and long-term interest rates, and the important role that bond funds can play in a diversified investment portfolio.

Featuring Gerald Du Manoir

The U.S. may have led the global economic expansion to date, but other major markets provide fertile ground for today’s investor as well. Portfolio manager Gerald Du Manoir, a 27-year investment industry veteran who specializes in international portfolios for Capital Group, discusses where he’s finding opportunities outside the U.S. during this lengthy, if tepid, global recovery.

Featuring John Emerson

As the September 24 German elections approach, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany John Emerson discusses his outlook for the political contest, the future of Europe in the age of populism, and his new role helping Capital Group expand its investment offerings around the world. Emerson, now Vice Chairman of Capital Group International, served as the ambassador to Germany during a particularly momentous time, from August 2013 to January 2017.

Featuring William D. Cohen

If you have a credit card, a car loan or any number of other financial products, Wall Street has an impact on your life. In this podcast, author and former investment banker William D. Cohan explains “Why Wall Street Matters” to just about everyone. That’s also the title of his new book, which provides a counterargument to the widespread vilification of Wall Street in the national media and on Capitol Hill.

Featuring Craig Gordon

Today’s pharmaceutical industry is teetering between an innovation renaissance and an affordability crisis. Investment analyst Craig Gordon, a former practicing physician, takes us inside the complex world of pharma and biotech, where the interests of doctors, patients, insurers and policymakers can often be at odds.

Featuring David Goldhill & Tim Wu

This special episode features conversations with two authors from the world of big ideas: TV executive David Goldhill and law professor Tim Wu.

Featuring Mike Gitlin

You wouldn’t want your dog behaving like a cat, so why invest in a bond fund that behaves like a stock fund? In this podcast, Mike Gitlin — Capital Group’s head of fixed income — explains why this concept is so important for investors seeking a well diversified portfolio.

Featuring Jody Jonsson, David Hoag & Darrell Spence 

At the midyear point, answers to some of 2017’s burning questions about the global economic recovery and financial markets are coming into focus. Capital Group portfolio managers Jody Jonsson and David Hoag and economist Darrell Spence join host Matt Miller for a lively exchange of ideas with profound implications for investors.

Featuring Karl Zeile & Chad Ranch

Municipal bonds provide financing for hospitals, roads, schools and many other public projects we all know and utilize, yet many investors are unfamiliar with the inner workings of this nearly $4 trillion market. In this podcast, Capital Group portfolio managers Karl Zeile and Chad Rach explain how the U.S. tax-exempt municipal market works and offer their view on how it might be affected by government reform efforts.

Featuring Mike Kerr

Eight years into its current expansion, the U.S. economy has given investors cause for concern. How much longer can it grow? Portfolio manager Mike Kerr acknowledges the elephant in the room but continues to find conditions favorable for U.S. equities in a number of key industries.

Featuring Jonathan Knowles

Is there a future for Britain beyond Brexit? Portfolio manager Jonathan Knowles will have you convinced there is. This Singapore-based, 25-year industry veteran covers the investment implications of nationalism in Europe, internet advances in China, headwinds in the emerging markets and technological disruption just about everywhere.

Featuring Andrew Dougherty & Stephen Green

China’s economy remains one of the fastest growing in the world, despite a pronounced slowdown in recent years. Exactly how fast is it growing? What are the long-term implications for investors? We explore these questions and others with Capital Group’s most experienced China-watchers, economist Stephen Green and China affairs specialist Andrew Dougherty.

Featuring Mark Casey

Technology has so accelerated the pace of innovation that ideas quickly go from invention to widespread adoption. What’s driving this rapid change, and what are the implications for the global economy? Mark Casey has grappled with these questions for 17 years as an equity portfolio manager who covers U.S. internet companies from Capital Group’s San Francisco office.

Featuring Michael Thawley

Today’s geopolitical stakes couldn’t be higher. Political disruption in the U.S. and Great Britain now may be extending to Europe. And China is asserting its new economic might in ways that have strained relations with the U.S. and others. Here to help make sense of it all — including implications for investors — is political economist Michael Thawley, a 10-year veteran of Capital Group with more than 30 years’ experience in international diplomacy.

Featuring Rob Lovelace

Global investing has experienced a subtle but defining shift in recent years, and Capital Group portfolio manager Rob Lovelace has been watching it like a hawk. This “new geography” has given rise to what he calls a new breed of company — one whose business model is probably more resilient as our global trade infrastructure changes. In this episode, Rob explains how these dynamics have shaped his approach to investing and shares formative stories from his 31-year career.

Featuring Tim Armour & Jody Jonsson

Struggling to make sense of the investment landscape in the year ahead? Between the murky U.S. interest rate picture and political upheaval in the U.S. and other parts of the world, investors may be tempted to take a wait-and-see approach. Here to lend some clarity are Capital Group portfolio managers Tim Armour and Jody Jonsson, who explain key global issues for 2017 and share opportunities they are finding around the world.

Featuring Sebastian Mallaby

Biographer Sebastian Mallaby discusses the life and times of Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve and one of the most influential figures in the history of modern finance.


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