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We offer customized services for high-net-worth individuals and families.

It’s no surprise that so many accomplished people from different walks of life — including CEOs, celebrities, executives, entrepreneurs and even seasoned investment professionals — have chosen Capital Group Private Client Services to steward their assets.

They appreciate our proven track record and our total commitment to helping clients achieve all of their financial goals.

We craft investment plans and tailor portfolios to suit each individual’s specific needs.

Quite frankly, we have high standards, and our services aren’t right for everyone. Wondering if we’re a good fit for you? Click here for a list of office locations and contact information to set up a confidential meeting with one of our Investment Counselors today.

We are highly qualified to work with your nonprofit organization.

Capital Group Private Client Services has a special understanding of the needs of foundations and endowments. After all, some of the world’s finest nonprofit organizations have turned to us to manage their investments.

What’s more, philanthropy is ingrained in the Capital Group culture. We believe in giving back to our communities. Our associates serve on countless boards, and our parent company has contributed more than $200 million to nonprofit organizations around the globe over the past 10 years.

Plus, because investment management is our only business, our interests are fully aligned with yours. Protecting and prudently growing the assets of your organization is our sole mission. To that end, we will work closely with you to develop a customized investment plan tailored to your organization's specific needs.

We are committed to working closely with select outside investment partners.

We have a team within Capital Group Private Client Services devoted to working with consultants and selected investment platforms.

Given our excellent track record, it’s no surprise that many outside consulting firms and investment organizations want to offer our services to their clients. They know they can count on our proven results, disciplined approach and first-rate investment communications.

We offer trust services that foster the transfer of wealth in accordance with your wishes.

If you’re currently managing a trust, we offer a full array of services to help protect, grow and distribute your assets.

While some trust companies offer investment services as a sideline, investment excellence has long been our primary mission. Capital Group provides extensive global research and analysis, providing deep insights into markets around the world. Your assets will be invested using a process that has stood the test of time.

We craft portfolios around the unique goals of your trust and provide access to the wide array of investment services offered by the Capital Group organization, including many available exclusively to our clients.

To learn more about our trust services, please contact an Investment Counselor or call (866) 421-2166.

Donor-advised funds can be a simple and effective solution for growing your charitable legacy.

When it comes to gifting to nonprofit organizations, you have three primary choices: you can contribute directly to a charity, start your own private foundation or set-up a donor-advised fund. Among the options, donor-advised funds have a number of compelling characteristics.

Like private foundations, these special accounts allow you to make tax-deductible contributions of cash, securities or other assets that then can be used to help support your favorite charities as you see fit. You can even make contributions anonymously.

But donor-advised funds have another important advantage: they avoid the paperwork and often burdensome requirements that come with starting your own foundation, yet they give you the freedom to make grants to multiple organizations over time. Plus, they can be an excellent tool for distributing assets for estate planning purposes and allow you to easily change your desired charities over time.

At Capital Group Private Client Services, we partner with a number of organizations that offer donor-advised funds. We are able to manage the contributed assets with the goal of growing the amount our clients have to help them achieve their philanthropic objectives in a tax-free manner over time.

What’s more, by donating long-term appreciated assets directly to the fund, you may be able to eliminate capital gains taxes on the appreciation of those assets, while writing off the full amount of your contribution subject to IRS limits. Donor-advised funds may even be able to accept complex assets, such as privately held stock, that many nonprofit organizations are not equipped to receive.

For more information on donor-advised funds, and further details on the many advantages of this increasingly popular vehicle for achieving one’s philanthropic goals, please contact an Investment Counselor or call (866) 421-2166.