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As a client of our firm, you will have your own personal Investment Counselor.

Your Investment Counselor will work closely with you to understand your unique financial situation and create a customized plan to help you attain all of your financial objectives.

Planning is an essential part of our integrated approach. To achieve the best results, we start by getting a detailed view of your financial and investment situation, future goals and income requirements, tax profile, business and succession objectives, philanthropic ambitions and plans for transferring wealth. From there, we’ll develop a plan to get you to your desired destination.

Every Investment Counselor has a limited number of client relationships, in order to provide highly individualized service. Working together, you’ll be able to tap into an array of resources and investment services offered by the Capital Group organization, including many that are available exclusively to our clients.

We believe this provides the best of two worlds. You can rest assured that your assets are being managed by some of the leading managers in the industry, while having a direct connection to your own trusted and confidential advisor and a dedicated team of client service associates.


Building wealth takes time. Using it to fund the life of your dreams requires a carefully constructed plan.

Working hand-in-hand with your Investment Counselor and other personal advisors, associates from our Wealth Advisory Group will analyze your personal situation and formulate a comprehensive road map based on your unique goals and objectives.

As illustrated below, this multifaceted and ongoing approach begins with a thorough analysis of your current situation. We then set the appropriate investment strategy, implement the plan, regularly review your progress and suggest course corrections along the way.

It’s an exclusive and comprehensive process designed to turn your financial life plan into a reality. 

Investment portfolios are built from the bottom up, based on your specific goals, risk capacity and need for liquidity.

Whereas some firms employ a boilerplate approach to asset management, we construct highly customized portfolios akin to layers in a pyramid, beginning with a sound base and core. The base contains short-term and liquid assets for stability and liquidity. The core generally includes a combination of global stocks and bonds, though it may also have exposure to certain alternative strategies. Core assets are intended to support your lifestyle and meet your primary financial objectives.

Residual assets are assigned to a third component, the surplus, which may include concentrated stock, private equity or commercial real estate.

The right plan can help guide your financial future.

Our wealth planning process generally starts with a customized Wealth Strategy Analysis, an in-depth approach that addresses key questions and tests critical assumptions about your overall strategy.

Each Wealth Strategy Analysis is tailored to your individual circumstances and includes the impact of variables such as taxes and cash flows.

We start with the big picture and then dive into the details. This allows you to “pre-experience” the trade-offs of various decisions through the use of multiple simulations.

Among other things, we test potential investment scenarios against a range of possible outcomes to help determine the likelihood that you will stay on track to meet your financial goals. Our sophisticated modeling allows you to see in advance the potential trade-offs associated with various decisions.

The illustrated scenarios incorporate varied return assumptions, taking into account the inevitable ups and downs of market cycles. As a result, you’ll get a clear view of how your assets may grow over time through a range of potential economic environments. You’ll also receive a written report in order to monitor whether you are on a path to achieve your financial goals.

Our approach doesn’t merely project rearview-mirror observations into the future. It incorporates forward-looking assumptions to assist you and your Investment Counselor in developing an appropriate asset allocation.

Investment planning is a dynamic process that should evolve with your changing circumstances. A Wealth Strategy Analysis endeavors to address key issues as they come along in your life to help keep your plan on track.

We publish regular research to enhance your overall wealth.

As a client of the firm, you’ll have access to frequent thought leadership pieces from our Wealth Advisory Group. Recent reports have covered such topics as maximizing tax deduction opportunities, the pros and cons of investing in passions like art and wine, and strategies for protecting your portfolio from the impact of inflation.

In addition to regular in-person meetings with your Investment Counselor to discuss your results and our latest investment thinking, you’ll also have around-the-clock access to your portfolio holdings and an array of proprietary content through our client website.

Plus, you’ll be invited to exclusive client-only events and workshops, which are held regularly in cities around the country, and you’ll be able to participate in periodic conference calls and webinars.

Communication, education and full transparency have long been hallmarks of our firm, and are part of our commitment to building lifelong relationships with our clients.