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Women Helping Investors Thrive

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive..."
— Maya Angelou

We strive to help investors thrive. One way we work toward that goal is by fostering an inclusive culture with diverse perspectives. Today, in honor of International Women's Day, we look at some of the many talented women who have helped shape Capital Group. 


Marjorie Fisher
Investment Professional from 1951 to 1986

More than 65 years ago, Marjorie Fisher joined us as a statistician and our first female investment professional. Her many roles included portfolio manager, president of American Mutual Fund®, and director of Capital Research and Management Company.


Nilly Sikorsky
Investment Professional from 1962 to 2010

Nilly Sikorsky was a founding associate of Capital's Geneva office and a central figure in the growth of Capital's investment services around the globe. Over 48 years, she served in many leadership roles within Capital and helped create what are now known as the MSCI indices.


Noriko Chen
Portfolio Manager;
Member of the Capital Group Management Committee

An equity portfolio manager with 26 years of investment experience, Noriko Chen manages global and emerging markets assets. Joining Capital in 1998 as an equity investment analyst, she covered Asian construction companies and energy companies. Noriko has helped launch CAPtivate, a Capital Group mentoring program designed to help female MBA students learn about and transition to a career in investment management, and CAP@city, a pre-MBA, skills-based program to help underrepresented minorities prepare for a career in investment management.


Darcy Kopcho
Portfolio Manager;
Member of the Capital Group Management Committee

With 37 years of investment experience, Darcy Kopcho is a leader in the investment division, serving as Principal Investment Officer on two funds. Joining Capital in 1986 as an equity investment analyst, Darcy covered energy companies and global auto industries. She currently serves on Capital's Diversity Steering Committee.