Summer 2019 Quarterly Insights | Capital Group

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Summer 2019 Quarterly Insights 

The Biotech Industry Is Coming of Age in China

China’s nascent biopharmaceutical industry is looking to tackle the health needs of an aging population — and, maybe, to challenge Western pre-eminence in medical research.

Advances in Technology Create Opportunity for Semiconductor Companies

From smartphones to automobiles, semiconductors are a central component of everyday life.

Q&A with Equity Portfolio Manager Bill Hurt

A veteran equity portfolio manager reflects on his nearly 70 years in the industry and why it’s essential to look on the bright side.

China’s Future Remains Bright, but Near-Term Headwinds are Building

The long-term outlook remains encouraging, but China is grappling with slowing economic growth and the risks of an unresolved trade conflict.

Analysts Go the Extra Mile in Their Research

Be it bike deliveries or factory tours, Capital Group analysts pound the pavement to uncover investment opportunities.

How a Spouse’s Illness Sparked an Epiphany About Love

He never planned to become a full-time caregiver for his wife. But George Shannon says an unexpected shock ushered in the best years of his life.

Summer 2019 Investment Commentary

Despite sending mixed messages, stocks and bonds both rallied as the Federal Reserve strongly hinted that interest rates cuts are coming.

Premium Products Boost the Fortunes of Consumer Staples Companies

Steady, reliable and decidedly unglamorous, consumer staples companies have particular appeal in the late stages of an economic cycle.

Where Are the Best Stocks in the World? All Around the World

International markets have generally lagged their U.S. counterparts. But a close look shows why indexes tell an incomplete story.

A New You? It’s Possible to Change Your Personality

Research suggests that, with a little planning and some steady effort, you can push the edges of your mental makeup.

Notes From the Field

Summer 2019 observations from Capital Group analysts around the globe.