Spring 2018 Quarterly Insights | Capital Group

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Spring 2018 Quarterly Insights

Appealing Business Models Help Hotels Book Strong Profits

Customer loyalty programs and international growth contribute to a bright outlook for the lodging industry. 

A Moderate Rise in Inflation Alone is Unlikely to Derail The Stock Market

History shows some inflation is actually good for equities. 

As Volatility Returns, Bonds Play a Protective Role

Recent turbulence in financial markets underscores the central role of fixed income in diversified portfolios.

A Primer on Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Craze

Here's a look at technology underlying cryptocurrencies which may prove to be the most lasting breakthrough.

A Few Simple Steps Can Lead to More-Rewarding Conversations

Curiosity and the willingness to listen can help you get past small talk.


Spring 2018 Investment Commentary

Despite solid global growth, trade tensions spark uncertainty in the financial markets.

Q&A with Equity Portfolio Manager Alan Wilson

A glimpse at how one manager is navigating recent swings in the equity market.

Growth in China’s Consumer Class Benefits Many Industries 

From everyday products to small indulgences, the upwardly mobile are opening their wallets.

The Joys of Decluttering

Keep what you really want and have room for. Here’s how to unload the rest.

Notes From the Field

Spring 2018 observations from Capital Group analysts around the globe.