2016 Capital Group Private Client Services Investment Roundtable | Capital Group

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2016 Capital Group Private Client Services Investment Roundtable

Below are video segments from this year’s Capital Group Private Client Services Equity, Macro and Fixed-Income Roundtables, held in early January. You can also read excerpts from the Roundtables in our latest issue of Quarterly Insights.

The Outlook for the U.S. Economy

Capital Strategy Research economist Darrell Spence discusses why he believes the economy is in good shape overall, and offers his thoughts on the current housing market. 

The Fed's Likely Trajectory for Raising Rates

The Federal Reserve enacted its first rate hike in nearly a decade last year. In this video, Capital Strategy Research economist Anne Vandenabeele discusses what might happen next.

How Higher Rates May Impact Bonds

Rising rates are generally bad for bonds, but that may not be the case this time around.  Capital Group Private Client Services fixed-income portfolio manager John Queen explains.

The Outlook for International Stocks in 2016

Stock markets outside the U.S. have struggled in recent years, but a turnaround may be ahead. Global equity manager Gerald Du Manoir tells us why.

What's Happening with Oil Prices?

Oil prices continue to hit new lows. What’s driving this and what’s the likely way ahead? Capital Group oil analyst Lars Reierson offers his thoughts. 

The Impact of Higher Rates on Corporate Earnings

Some worry that tightening moves by the Federal Reserve could hurt corporate earnings. Equity portfolio manager Greg Fuss says that’s unlikely, given the reasons that rates are rising in the first place. 

When Will the Fed Start to Unwind its Balance Sheet?

The Federal Reserve bought about $3.5 trillion of bonds as part of its massive stimulus program. What will ultimately happen to these securities and how might that impact the fixed-income markets? Portfolio specialist Jeff Brown offers his insights.

What's Happening with the IPO Market?

A growing number of companies have issued initial public offerings over the past couple of years. Research portfolio coordinator Cheryl Frank discusses why this trend is concerning, and explains why she generally avoids such securities.

The State of Corporate Earnings

Stock prices tend to follow earnings over time. So what’s the outlook for earnings going forward? Principal investment officer and equity portfolio manager Will Robbins offers his perspectives.