Fall 2017 Quarterly Insights | Capital Group

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Fall 2017 Quarterly Insights

With Emerging Markets As a Tailwind, Aircraft Makers Take Flight

Aircraft manufacturers are soaring as emerging market demand picks up.

Changing Channels

How streaming video is rapidly changing the way viewers access and watch programs on TV.

How to Be a Writer at Any Age

Leading author and client Warren Adler shares advice for being a great writer at any age.

Scientific Advancement is a Potent Prescription for the Drug Sector

Innovations in gene therapy and immuno-oncology are sparking advancements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Why Time Flies... And How to Slow it Down

A look at why some things take forever while others pass too quickly.



Fall 2017 Investment Commentary

Despite heated geopolitical tensions, widespread economic growth continues to carry markets higher.

Up Close with Fixed-Income Portfolio Manager Mark Marinella

A look at what’s driving the fixed income markets, and what may be ahead.

Preparing For a Market Correction 

Positioning your portfolio to endure stock market pullbacks is an essential part of the portfolio construction process.

Gaining Insight to Become More Self-Aware

A best-selling author shows how to more effectively see yourself see yourself as others do.

Notes From the Field

Fall 2017 Observations from Capital Group Analysts Around the Globe