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Notes from the field: Summer 2021

Observations from Capital Group analysts around the world.

China is ramping up its autonomous vehicle capabilities.

China’s new push into creating driverless cars could be a boon for manufacturers — not only companies that make vehicles but also those that make semiconductors, sensors and the specialized equipment required to allow a car to successfully pilot itself. China is installing sensors along roadways and supporting local fleet operators. Some government officials think China’s biggest cities could have fully autonomous taxi fleets by 2030.

Taking a break from COVID-19 could boost timeshares.

With lockdowns easing and many areas reopening, consumers are seeing their chance to get away after months in the same place. One of the options they’re exploring: timeshares. Though timeshares have been maligned as expensive and limited alternatives to traditional hotels, respected vacation- and hotel-related brands are becoming more prominent in the space, often at the expense of smaller, less known (or less trusted) companies.

Japan’s child care companies help women get to work.

With women becoming a larger share of Japan’s workforce, child care providers are pitching in to help keep the domestic front running smoothly. Households are increasingly turning to two incomes to make ends meet, and companies that provide on-site nursery care are among the beneficiaries. While the country is still taking firm measures against COVID-19, the industry could enjoy significant tailwinds as the pandemic recedes.

Demographics are beginning to favor single-family housing.

Single-family houses could benefit from America’s aging population. The number of 35- to 44-year-olds — an age category that’s traditionally been more likely to rent a house than an apartment or condo — is primed to grow faster than the population at large. Similarly, household sizes are growing for the first time in nearly two centuries (a sign of multigenerational living), and telecommuting workers tend to prefer the benefits of a single-family home.

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