Spring 2020 Quarterly Insights
Opening thoughts

A letter from Capital Group Private Client Services' President John Armour

In the past few weeks, as the coronavirus has upended our daily routines, my family and I have begun taking evening strolls along a neighborhood path. We use the time to laugh (and grit our teeth) at being housebound most of the day. But like many of you, we’ve come to savor the uninterrupted family time, which is usually so elusive. We’re often so deep in conversation at the end of our milelong route that we do a second lap.

Obviously, much has changed in the past few weeks. I believe the upheaval will be temporary, but that hasn’t made it easier. Daily life has been disrupted. The stock market has been hit. And we’re all concerned about the well-being of loved ones or anyone else impacted by the coronavirus.

However, as I reflect on this unique period, I’m also struck by how the most important things remain the same. For example, the need for social distancing forced our investment team to cancel in-person visits to companies in London and Boston. The meetings still occurred — just by videoconference. The logistics may be thrown off, but our commitment to doing the best possible job for all of you is stronger than ever.

In a similar vein, you’re likely to notice differences in the look and feel of this issue of Quarterly Insights. These changes are part of an evolution in our brand expression, which you’ll be seeing on our website and throughout our communications. We’ve spent more than a year thinking about how we tell the story of Capital Group Private Client Services. That included feedback from clients, who told us how much they value our dedication to providing the highest-quality investment management and personal service.

Though our messaging is changing, our investment products, personal service and core philosophy are not. We continue to do what we’ve done for decades. We’re now putting language and feeling to what all of you experience from us every day. You can find more details about our new brand expression on page 5.

In closing, I want to stress that everyone in our organization understands the pain and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus and its impact on the global economy and the markets. I’m comforted in knowing that we have overcome big economic shocks like the 9/11 attacks and the 2008 financial crisis. I have no doubt we’ll get past this as well. In the meantime, our team will remain focused on providing you with the highest level of personal attention. One of the key takeaways from our brand refresh is simple and timeless: As a wealth management firm, numbers mean the world to us. But people matter even more.

                        The above article originally appeared in the Spring 2020 issue of Quarterly Insights magazine.

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